The Emergence Of Audioflow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Is The Best News At The End Of 2018 For Video Creators And Video Marketers Around The World. With Low Prices, We Are Free To Use Hundreds Of Licensed Audio Without Fearing The Youtube Account Is Banned

The Emergence Of Audioflow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Is The Best News At The End Of 2018 For Video Creators And Video Marketers Around The World. With Low Prices, We Are Free To Use Hundreds Of Licensed Audio Without Fearing The Youtube Account Is Banned

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Review By Pandu McAdams

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks The All-In-One Professional Audio Solution For Marketers & Video Creators

Meet you again, online marketers! Still trying to increase sales and revenue? That’s great! A lot of software that supports your work, also mine, is made by developers every day. In fact, because there are too many, we are confused to choose software/applications that are really good and useful. Most software/applications are only made to imitate their predecessors by adding very little innovation. For this reason I chose not to review all the software released in Muncheye or JVZoo. Only a few good quality ones can be found here,

Okay, about a week ago I just reviewed good and unique software from Jamie Ohler: TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing. Yes, this software really helps you with brand new exciting way to market using the power of video. The idea of developing one software is very simple: making a marketing video from a text conversation involving 2 parties, which seems to happen on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or cellphone. And, the sales look good too. Of course because the application developer already has a good reputation. So, the reputation of the developer is my consideration to review the software / application, after the uniqueness in the software/application itself.

Okay, I want to tell a little. Three or four years ago when I started being addicted to accessing Youtube. Yes, there are so many videos that I can watch, starting from highlighting soccer matches, celebrity gossip, talk shows, as well as funny videos. Which is not less numerous is a compilation video from the Youtuber. They, Youtuber, are really persistent in looking for dollars from the number of viewers even though they have to use other people’s videos. So, I had time to watch a lot of compilation videos that they produced. And, I complained about the narrator’s voice in the video that was not as smooth as ours, plus improper intonation. “Why did you hire them? They are not worthy of being a narrator!” I shouted in front of the laptop screen. I was even more annoyed when the bad narrator appeared not only in one or two videos, but many videos. Hundreds! Recently I finally learned that the narrator is a robot. After being content to laugh at myself for innocence, more precisely not following the progress of the times, I was amazed. How the robot narrator is able to speak in many languages. Do the Youtuber translate one sentence at a time, then turn it into a human voice? Well, it turns out it’s almost like that. It’s just that everything is automatic by using a software! Great!

Evolving and evolving, similar software is increasingly easy to use with modifications better than the previous software. Like AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks designed by Josh Ratta and his friends. This software is dedicated to video creators dengan no technical skills required, because using it is enough with simply click, download and create incredible sounding videos. And most importantly, hundreds of music tracks are available to you with fully licensed and royalty-free for your peace of mind.

If Fully Licensed And Royalty-Free Ratusan Audio It’s Real, So I Will Instantly Buy AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks From Josh Ratta. Good Bye Shutterstock, I Get What I Want As Video Creators With Low Prices

Naturally we thank Josh Ratta because he succeeded in capturing the anxieties of the video creators in terms of the high cost of getting licensed audio. Even though, as we all know, every great video, needs great audio. Me, you, all of us, want our videos to keep our viewers engaged into our message, and quality audio does just that. But royalty-free audio tracks are expensive. Just take a look at sites like shutterstock, Pond5 or audiojungle and you‘ll be paying $20 – $50+ per track. I know this from personal experience having purchased over $1,000 worth of audio from stock sites like these. Yeah, it was a shock to me after I did the math. It all adds up, every-time you need a new track. And even after you’ve purchased a standard license, you’re usually only allowed to use it in one end video (wtf!). So expect to purchase an enhanced license for $200+ if you’d like to use it in multiple videos without a limit in views or where you can use your track. That just isn’t the way it should be right?

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Review By Pandu McAdams

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Save Hundreds Dollars

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Review By Pandu McAdams

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Save Hundreds Dollars

So, do you think our problem as a video creator stops at the price of licensed audio that is expensive to obtain? Not. There is one more problem regarding the existence of our video after it is finished and ready to be launched. And after realizing it, you will choose to buy AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks without asking many questions. Is that? Yes, it is true. Threat from Youtube. You certainly understand if using unlicensed audio will get your YouTube account banned. Using unlicensed audio in your video’s is against YouTube’s terms and is getting many people’s YouTube’s accounts shutdown. Often without warning. Take one of the biggest kids’ YouTube channels “Vladscrazyshow” for instance. They had OVER 8.5 million subscribers, over 1 billion views and making a lot in ad revenue! then in November 2017 their channel got terminated for infringements with YouTube’s guidelines. It’s safe to say, YouTube doesn’t mess around with copyright infringements. And if you want to actually sell videos to clients, you MUST have licensed audio as this can also affect not just you but also your clients. So it’s absolutely essential you have royalty-free licensed audio if you are using video or plan to use video in your business.

After trying for a moment, I immediately know when AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks were made in order to meet the demands of being the all-in-one professional audio solution for marketers and video creators. One reason why I can say that is because we get Premium Tracks in ALL music genres. With AudioFlow, users can change the feel of their video by adding different types of audio tracks. For example:

  • Emotional Teaser videos – Cinematic tracks
  • Explainer videos – Ukulele jingles or modern pop/dance
  • Business videos – Corporate tracks
  • Tutorial and training videos – Quirky/indie or light acoustic
  • Typography videos – Stomp tracks
  • Modern promo videos – Dance & pop tracks
  • Christmas promos – Christmas tracks
  • Logo stings & intros – Logo idents & openers

Audioflow has incredible tracks in all these genres and MORE! (14 genres in total). Just choose. And never again will you have to pay for over-priced audio or lose engagement from average and outdated music. We want quality audio, following the trend, at affordable prices.

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Review By Pandu McAdams

Get Premium Tracks in ALL Music Genres Inside AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks

I Buy Right Now Because I am a Video Creator Who Has High Standards About Music Also Always Follow Trend, And AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Meets My Needs because It Provides Hundreds of Audio From Various Genres and According to Today’s Taste

Another reason why you should buy AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks is because of the ease of use. There are incredible features like Multi-Language Text-to-speech creator, which can make you complete one video in a short time. People who aren’t confident in doing a voicoever or have trouble with the english language can quickly type or paste a script and generate a professional sounding voiceover in literally seconds. Yes, just type in the words and sentences that you will use to approach consumers. No matter how long. After you feel enough, just choose the language that will be used. A total of 14 language choices are available, both those from popular countries and those that don’t. Then, still in the same feature, you can also choose the vocal characters provided. Female voice or male voice, with a further choice of characters with each sound accent (Sarah, Tom, Mike, etc). Almost done, you set the speed of pronunciation and pitch, then press “generate”. So, you can listen to the audio produced. If you think it’s right, the last step is to download it. Done!

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Review By Pandu McAdams

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Easy To Use With Text to Speech Creator Feature

Click Here If You Agree With Me, That AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks From Josh Ratta Is Very Easy To Use And Helps To Createe Marketing Videos With Attractive Audio, Only In A Short Time

I suspect, among you there are still those who feel dissatisfied entering the narrator’s robot voice into video marketing. Okay, I can understand it. Of course there are deficiencies in this case that are not replaced by human voices. What is that? Intonation. In a few sentences, of course we want certain intonation according to the content in the video. We cannot use flat intonation when reading sentences to consumers, right? So, take it easy because Josh Ratta with AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks did not forget to provide a voice recording feature. With this feature you are free to record your own voiceovers. Just connect your mic, hit record, speak and download! It’s that easy. But, remember, make sure first that your voice is indeed sweet.

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Review By Pandu McAdams

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Allows You To Recording Your Own Voice

Up to this point, are you video creators hesitant about having AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks? Because I want to explain a quick re-cap on everything you get when you buy AudioFlow today. And you get it all for a low one-time payment! No subscriptions. No strings attached.

  1. Audioflow Account
    Never worry about purchasing audio tracks ever again. For all your video needs in all popular genres. Simply login, preview hundreds of tracks and download with just 1-click.
  2. Hundreds of Premium Tracks
    The cream of the crop, these tracks will make any average video sound incredible! And did I mention Royalty-free! No more YouTube copyright claims and HIGHER engagement, it’s like music to your viewer’s ears.
  3. Multi-language Text-to-speech
    Don’t like to record your own voice? No problem, simply write or paste any text script, select a voice actor and hit generate! Realistic voice over done in a click! Oh and you can also record it in up to 14 different languages.
  4. Voiceover Recorder
    Simply connect your mic, or use your desktop mic, hit record and talk. “Dum da da da…” then edit and save it as an MP3 file. Simple, great sounding voiceovers. Done!

Well, there’s not much else I can review from this latest software to convince you to buy it right now. Except, I will only say one last time that video is a critical component of online success. We all have several tools on our hard drive that help create beautiful videos with ease. But that is only half the battle. Audio can make or break the success of your video. It controls the emotions, the attention and the retention of every video you view, and yet it has been a major headache, and expensive to find just the right audio track, with the right mood, and is affordable.

That is why AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks will be a no-brainer purchase for you. With premium, custom-created soundtracks, easy to use interface, lots of categories and ‘moods’ to select from, all royalty-free so you can use them with confidence on any video you create, for any platform. Then add voice-over recording, text to speech conversion and a custom player and this is a must-have.

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Review By Pandu McAdams

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Is a Must Have For Video Creators

Secure access to AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks TODAY and NEVER pay for audio tracks AGAIN!
After this special introductory offer ENDS this friday, Audioflow is going to cost $199/year. But to celebrate the launch, for a very limited amount of time, you can secure a full use royalty-free licence for a one-time price. People who miss this launch offer will need to subscribe and pay the full $199/year to get access to the exact same offer you have now.

Right now, you can lock in your chance to have all your videos sound incredible. While everyone else is paying $39 for just ONE track, every time they create a video, you’ll be surfing through audioflow for the perfect tracks for EVERY kind of video. And the best bit is, you can test out audioflow with no financial risk at all. How can? Because …

No Risk, 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying AudioFlow, Josh Ratta will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Just email him at and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30-Days. NOTHING could be more fair than that!

Alright, OK, I’m Running Out Of Reasons For Not Buying Audioflow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Today. I Agree With The Quality, And I Agree With The Cheap Price. Show Me Where To Buy It!

Okay, it seems like you have got what you want: AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks.
However, besides that Josh Ratta provides several options that adjust your needs for software to support hunting dollars from the internet video marketing. What are they? Let’s see together below.

OTO 1 AudioFlow Pro License – Extra And New Tracks
Josh Ratta created AudioFlow Pro License to give you unlimited, VIP access, to the most advanced features, sound effects and audio tracks to always provide you with the best new tracks as styles change. This special upgrade is for entrepreneur’s, video agencies, and anyone who needs the best audio effects and tracks for personal use as well as clients. Incredible tracks, effects and pro feature‘s not available anywhere else, but right here on this page.

ONLY AudioFlow Pro License Members Get To Enjoy Features Like This:

  • Pro Text-to-speech
    Instantly translate any text script into any language with one-click. Then select a language and generate a pro text-to-speech voiceover with 30 extra character voices.
  • Audio Player
    Record and then play podcasts all directly from your audioflow dashboard. Customise the player colours and settings and then embed it on your site. Fully hosted by AudioFlow.
  • Pro Sound Effects Pack
    Make explainer videos and YouTube content videos super engaging by adding incredible sound effects. It’s what all top video agencies do and now you can too. Plus get NEW sound fx every month!
  • Pro Openers and Idents
    Instantly add over 50 new logo idents and openers to impress your clients and have the biggest library of diverse idents for all your logo stingers.
  • 100 Pro Tracks and 10 Each Month
    Instantly add 100 new tracks to your account right now. Then every month for an entire year we will be adding 10 new tracks based on your own requests.
  • Pro Club Life Access
    Every new track, sound effect, openers we ever release you will get completely free instantly added into your account.

OTO 2 AudioFlow Vidgeos Pro Upgrade – Smart Animated Video Creation Tool
To be known, Vidgeos Pro is the world’s 1st smart video creator (without any on-going fees). If you are EVER going to create a marketing video for yourself or a client, you’ll save time and licensing costs by getting access to Vidgeos on this page today for just $47.

Vidgeos is the world’s first “smart video” creation tool that allowing you to create dynamic, engaging, attention-grabbing videos with just a few simple clicks, drags, and drops. You’ll never have to hire another video creator. You’ll never need to hire an animator to create engaging video templates. And you’ll be able to take advantage of all the conversion-pulling smart elements that make Vidgeos one of the most popular marketing video creation tools ever launched.

Everything You Need to Create Dynamic, “Smart Videos” in Minutes is Included:

  • Lifetime Vidgeos Pro Account and Dozens Of Ready To Use Slides
    The first ever viewer specific video creation and marketing application designed by marketers for marketers and entrepreneurs. The most  advanced and next generation of video marketing.
  • Smart Elements
    Capture your visitors’ attention while instantly building rapport using smart elements. Add on the viewers specific time, date, country and city that they are viewing from in creative ways.
  • Voiceover Recording and Audio Editing
    Need a voiceover for your video? Instantly record your own using our built-in voice recording app to add voice narration to your videos. Also add audio backing tracks – crop, cut and add fade effects.
  • LIVE Marketing Call To Actions
    You need to generate leads and sales. It’s what your videos are there for, and that’s why we’ve built in animated call to actions such as buy buttons, email sign up forms and other powerful features.
  • One Click Pro Animations
    Animate any element on your Vidgeos by simply selecting it and selecting an animation from the drop down menu. Add ‘In’, ‘Mid’, ‘Out’ and even  looping animations with one click.

Thank You For the OTO 1 AudioFlow Pro License and OTO 2 AudioFlow Vidgeos Pro Upgrade Offer, But I will Try AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks First Before Trying OTO Products

Finally, no more mediocre audio. No more expensive tracks. No more illegal copyright complaints. This launch deal won’t last forever. If you want incredible audio tracks and audio tools that help you make better videos without having to continually buy new tracks or worry about YouTube copyright complaints and restricted audio licensing for you and your clients, just click the button below to become an AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks member now for a low one-time price.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Not when we’re making it so easy for you to get started. Lock in your launch discount access now for a fraction of what you’d normally pay. It doesn’t get any better than this. For just one super-low, one-time payment you’ll receive instant access to Audioflow.

AudioFlow Royalty-Free Music Tracks Review By Pandu McAdams