Tappit Commercial Mega Viral review by Pandu McAdams

Only With Tappit You Can Go Viral With Elegant, Using Free And Legal Millions Of Articles And Video Trending, To Be Converted Into Traffic, Leads, Buyers, To Generate Thousands Of Dollars

Only With Tappit You Can Go Viral With Elegant, Using Free And Legal Millions Of Articles And Video Trending, To Be Converted Into Traffic, Leads, Buyers, To Generate Thousands Of Dollars

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral review by Pandu McAdams

WELCOME BACK at the place I reviewed a lot of software related to online marketing. Yes, after a long vacuum to contemplate: “should I review everything” or “just review the good software”, I’m back here.

Previously, all the software I always rated well. Until finally I have to admit that a lot of software whose quality is not special and not much different from its predecessors. Therefore, I now prioritize reviewing software that the developer is already famous, and don’t have a bad track record as a useless software developer. What I mean by famous is like Dr. Ameet Parek and his team who are always routinely awarded as top vendors and top affiliates. I can’t possibly pass the software he made. All of his software are known for their high quality, 12 years of hard work. Most recently, he launched Tappit Commercial Mega Viral. The result: the highest sales of the week. If you have no doubts about the latest software made by Dr. Ameet Parek, you don’t need to read the reviews from me until it’s finished. Simply access the link below.

By reading the name Ameet Parek, I am sure of the quality of this software, I will try Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Now

WHAT IS INTENDED with Tappit Commercial Mega Viral? Namely, software that is made with the aim of “to make things viral”. Yes, the key word: viral. We are working in the field of social media marketing, e-commerce, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing or local business, like things that are viral, and we need them to attract attention. Imagine a weighty article, with interesting clickbits on headlines, also trending, and viral quickly. Thousands of viewers appear in the first hour, followed by thousands of “likes”, plus thousands of spreads. Most importantly, there is an affiliate link in your article. Then we can certainly harvest traffic, leads, sales, and profits. This is in accordance with the mechanism that we have known for a long time, long before Tappit was created: more content you have, more traffic you get, more leads and more Commission you generate.

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Review By Pandu McAdams softonlinesoft.net

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Set-And-Forget System With Just One Keyword

But we are used to “making things viral”. Then, what distinguishes Tappit Commercial Mega Viral from its predecessors? Ease when used by a newbie? Let’s see. In the promotional site page, Dr. Ameet Parek promises Tappit users a service: Build your own beautiful and super engaging simple Viral website with 3 clicks. However, as you know, the sentence doesn’t really mean “3 simple clicks” because you have to set some of these and that settings. But it must still be admitted that setting Tappit is very easy. All setting buttons are made simple and the order of commands is not confusing. You will master Tappit faster if you take the time to watch the video tutorial and read PDF guides in Tappit Commercial Mega Viral. Also A-Z complete video training included. Still not enough? Please access the FAQ and get answers to many similar questions from beginners. All the facilities that you will find are in accordance with the formula for using Tappit: Using Tappit Is A Child’s Play and It’s As Easy As 1,2,3:
Step #1: Curate Content and Videos From Authority Sites
Step #2: Add Your Affiliate Link Or Offer Link
Step #3: Drive Traffic and Profits

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral review by Pandu McAdams softonlinesoft.net

My Viral Website Before Using Tappit Commercial Mega Viral

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Reiew By Pandu McAdams softonlinesoft.net

My Viral Website After Using Tappit Commercial Mega Viral

I ASSERT HERE: simply by settings rules once, you have the POWER to get TOP of the content each time flowing right to you as soon as they are published. Tappit has built-in settings for automating content curation from top and trusted web publishers. The next keyword is “automation”. If you are into social media marketing, ecommerce, email marketing, affiliate marketing or local business like me. A done for you automated system that works and decides best profitable offer and will boost your profits by at least 300%. Syndicate your selected social accounts and be the first one to share viral content to your subscribers and make them loyal to your business. And if you feel Tappit is still the same as its predecessor, at this point I agree. So, let’s continue looking for other advantages.

CONTENT RELATIONSHIP WITH Tappit Commercial Mega Viral. Like similar software made before, in essence, it teaches us to “go viral” by driving content made by someone else. Yes, we don’t have the time and money to write articles or make our own videos. Especially if we already have Tappit that uses top content sources. Top content sources can be useful articles from famous writers who share tips on effective work, healthy recipes, getting rich guides, and funny videos about baby or animal behavior that are spread free on Youtube. Moral of the story? Content is still the king. And yeah this is totally correct In fact, over 90% of B2B Marketers say they’re using it to reach their larger business goals. Content marketing works because 5 reasons:
1) solving a problem
2) only targeting your ideal audience
3) leverage customer data and insights
4) climbing the rankings
5) showing credibility, not telling.

If there are hundreds of thousands of articles and videos from top content sources that have the potential to be viral every day, it is unfortunate that we do not use them to harvest dollars. Tappit Commercial Mega Viral will serve as a curator, and we just have to search for content as desired in the “search” column. Just enter few keywords for your niche and you have all the HOT and Popular videos from the video sharing giant: YouTube. Content search can also be done more specifically such as title, location, language. Tappit helps in finding the most related content in seconds for any niche and spin it. The point is, Tappit Ready-To-Use In ALMOST All Niches.

Enough of the review, I can’t wait to try Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Now

HOW ABOUT THE WEBSITE’s APPEARANCE? With Tappit Commercial Mega Viral you just have to choose 5 templates and color themes that have been prepared. These attractive, eye-catchy and premium themes have been created keeping every marketer’s needs in mind. They will prove to be a great add-on to your purchase. All you need to do is just use them. Also, you yourself who decide to make a viral site for articles or viral sites for videos. Tappit is also stable accessed through smartphones, it is 100% mobile friendly. Tappit also won’t lower its class as today’s software, therefore Tappit does not require installation, domain or hosting. So, you save hundreds of dollars as yearly charges for hosting services. Cloud-based app’s effect!

And when your viral website is ready to appear, where Tappit Commercial Mega Viral has made SEO friendly pages automatically, and you have pinned most profitable links in articles or videos, don’t forget to take advantage of the integration feature with major Autoresponders and social media apps. Just connect your Autoresponder (MailPrimo, MailChimp, GetResponse, Sendlane, ConstantContact, AWeber) and Tappit will directly pour leads into your favourite Autoresponder or use it native system. Ah, do you want to be closer to the target by giving a touch of closeness like the same language? Of course adding a personalized touch to your audience is vital for every marketer’s success. Very easy, Tappit comes pre-loaded with 15+ languages that gets every visitor glued to your sites. Finished? Not yet. With Tappit, you can share your articles and videos on TOP 10 social platforms without investing time and money on creating and optimizing posts. As you already have the power of viral content added with engagement boosters from Tappit. After all the helpful features, don’t forget to monitor the development of your website through the Precise Site Analytics feature. Get your viral site analytics with smart metrics on articles and videos count, leads captured, views along with quick-to-understand graphs for articles and videos. At this point, does Tappit still not attract your interest to get it?

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Review By Pandu McAdams softonlinesoft.net

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Integrated With Autoresponder

START FROM HERE YOU MUST GET Tappit Commercial Mega Viral because:
ONLY TAPPIT create A.I analysed self-optimizing and buyer-driven funnels for maximising leads, profits and user experience. With Tappit A.I. feature, everything runs on auto mode. It give you the power to give your visitors exactly what they’re looking for and as a result, they’ll thank you forever and will wait for more offers from your side. Using this ultimate A.I technology, you can identify your targeted audience by setting up a simple rule in our software and it will present your targeted offers to targeted visitors and you just sit back relax and enjoy more leads and sales.

ONLY TAPPIT integrate messenger live chat on your viral sites. Yes, you need to be with your leads on the go. Interact with them while they land on your sites from social channels. The importance of interacting with your leads is to make the impression that your website is alive, not fully managed by robots. Think about it, who’s crazy enough to talk to a robot? That way they are more sure to ask and get / buy something through you. With Tappit Commercial Mega Viral you have quick and handy 1-Click settings for enabling Facebook Messenger chat options directly on your site’s main page, category pages and individual pages. Get the chat flow continued even when your users switch to Facebook or visit back your content pages.

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Review By Pandu McAdams softonlinesoft.net

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Integrate Messenger Live Chat On Your Viral Sites

ONLY TAPPIT give you access To 1.5 Million Royalty Free Images! Visuals attract readers attention and gets them hooked forever. So, with Tappit Commercial Mega Viral we are giving Pixabay integration, so you have the power of searching from 1.5 Million Royalty Free Images. Explore the visual ocean and pick your eye-pleasing stuff. Just add them to your articles and serve the selected platter to your subscribers who need refreshingly new and engaging content every time.

Okay, with Tappit Commercial Mega Viral I can’t stop imagine having automated funnel creation with better user engagement and conversion rates; Having unstoppable regular flow of buyers traffic that convert fast and easy on my irresistible offers; Having the Best and Popular of VIRAL content reaching my social subscribers first; Having a customer base that stay loyal to my business as they get the best of promotions and quality service from me; Owning a complete business that can make me earn a real-time monthly income by rendering in-demand marketing automation services.

THERE ARE NO REASONS TO HESITATE TO TRY, Tappit Commercial Mega Viral supported 90-Days Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee. Put it simply – AT ANYTIME after you make a purchase and somehow find Tappit doesn’t live up to any claim made on this page, Dr. Ameet Parek promise you a No Questions Asked Guarantee.
But to your future success Dr. Ameet Parek and I am 100% confident that you would definitely make a HIT with Tappit. As I too have. You can call Dr. Ameet Parek’s dedicated customer team and let them know that what went wrong while your trial. Their customer success team has a 98% track record of helping customers and giving them an apt solution.

Finished, I Am Very Sure Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Will Work Well And Help Me Get Money From The Internet

IT’S TIME, CONCLUSION FROM ME. Well, if you are too tired to read reviews from me from beginning to end, but you decide to try Tappit Commercial Mega Viral immediately, I conclude briefly and simply how Tappit works effectively and efficiently.
Tappit Works because of three main factors:
Step #1 – It drives traffic automatically
Just enter your keywords and select category, Tappit willfind and posts super engaging videos and articles (legally) and post on social media channels automatically and bring targeted traffic using special tag management.

Step #2 – It engages and puts most profitable links and lead grabs
The system uses artificial intelligence to decide the best offer or lead grabber on your site (totally hosted on our servers) to make sure that you get the most profit out of every niche

Step #3 – Monetize and scale your profits
You can directly drive the free traffic generated to your affiliate offer, encash it using Adsense or simple collect leads in our system or your favourite Autoresponder. And you can create as many sites as you want

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Review By Pandu McAdams softonlinesoft.net

Trial I Did Using Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Successfully Boosting Visitors

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Review By Pandu McAdams softonlinesoft.net

Second Trial I Did Using Tappit Commercial Mega Viral Successfully Boosting Visitors

AND DON’T FORGET ABOUT BONUSES! In addition, Dr. Ameet Parek have a number of bonuses for those who want to take action today and start profiting from his opportunity.

Limited Time Bonus (You only get it when you buy Tappit Commercial Mega Viral as soon as possible): ShopMozo with Commercial License
With this you can build instant 1-click seo-optimized affiliate store stocked with top Amazon products, content, video reviews and gets you viral facebook traffic and sales. This software makes it easy for you to create Stunning and Elegant Affiliate Stores in Short Time Span; besides that you also get Premium design themes with assorted colors, Viral Facebook and search traffic built-in, product and content curation from Amazon, also video reviews curation from YouTube.

Bonus 1: Live Lead Generation
Start building your email list in a smart way and develop a unique selling proposition. Learn amazing marketing strategies and best SEO tricks to engage more traffic and track your progress by automating your processes.

Bonus 2: Backlinks Warrior Software
Grab highly targeted leads and traffic to your website, blogs and landing pages. With few clicks of a button, you can find high-quality and relevant backlinks in order to rank your website well in Google SERP’s without making any expenses.

Bonus 3: Article Analyzer
With only few clicks, analyze your articles for keyword density and get targeted search engine traffic for your website. Either open an existing article (in .txt format) or write/copy/paste the article in to the Article Analyzer interface.

Bonus 4: Commercial License Included- Limited Copies
Offer High In Demand Site Creation Services & Maximize Revenues. Provide Site Creation Services to tons of hungry clients from your account in our dashboard with no limitations. Provide services to unlimited clients for unlimited profits. And make recurring income by charging them $100/month/client or any amount you want.

Bonus 5: LIVE Training “Build a SIX FIGURE Business From Scratch In Minutes”
Start your own six figure business in few minutes. This awesome LIVE Training will help you to build a six figure business plus three lucky attendees will be selected randomly to win $100 cash each! And there will be a Live Q & A Session at the end of the training.

Bonus 6: Facebook Groups
This is your ultimate opportunity to meet like-minded people. Get access to an incredible ocean of knowledge, share your thoughts, get answers to your queries, share your wisdom and a lot more.

Alright, show me the link to get Tappit Commercial Mega Viral before other online marketers leave me far behind

It seems like you have got what you want: Tappit Commercial Mega Viral.
However, besides that Dr. Ameet Parek provides several options that adjust your needs for software to support hunting dollars from the internet. What are they? Let’s see together below.

OTO1 Tappit Pro >> 92% of the Commercial Mega Viral Members Upgraded to Tappit Pro
This is your chance to get unfair advantage over your competition. If you decide to try it, I consider you have already realized the power of automated leads and commission and secured a leap from the competitors. Think again! If a basic features that everyone is getting can bring such massive results, especially those above the standard.
Okay, what you are getting with this unfair advantage upgrade? I described some of the most important ones for you:
(i) Boost engagement and instantly capture leads from all your visitors as they interact on your article or video page. This is something that’s gonna take the industry by the storm. No hard work, no contact management system needs to be resorted. With this feature, you will get all your subscribers’ details in your Tappit as well as in autoresponder. Whenever your viewer interacts on your video or article page, they will have to enter their credentials first and that will get you their name, email address and show what action they have taken.
(ii) Video and article comparison. Finding the perfect keywords and categories and waiting for results is like finding a needle in a haystack. But we are with this edge to edge comparison feature, you can visually check what is working for you and what is not. It will suggest you what is more profitable for you to quickly scale your campaigns instantly.
(iii) Assets Library. The moment Dr. Ameet Parek said that Tappit is complete system, he really mean it. That’s why they are providing 1 GB of cloud storage for your assets so that you don’t have to pay for any cloud storage every month. Simple point and click and add your assets in your campaigns in no time.

OTO2 Tappit Template Club >> 18 Templates Specifically Designed And Optimized for Automated Traffic
Listen, sending all your traffic to your affiliate link or lead generation method is a smart move, but sending them to a page from where you can not only make more money and collect more leads using A.I, is PURE GENIUS!
With your purchase, you’ll get 10 MORE premium color themes to make you a STUNNING, UNIQUELY Designed and beautiful sites in few minutes. Dr. Ameet Parek has designed several high converting themes from the ground up to make you more money. These have been tested and proven to convert. So, now you can easily build entirely unique and professional sites with just 1 click and improve conversions hands free.

OTO3 Tappit Agency >> Ultra-Fast Hosting And Team Management System
What it means for you as an Agency License owner?
(i) Serve MULTIPLE clients every month. When you’re part of Premium License, you can provide high in demand services to clients and charge easily $97 per client per month. Also you can create business/ sub-domains for all your clients. Ultimately, you can make $10K extra per month with just a few clicks of your mouse.
(ii) Get 5 new stunning and proven converting marketing templates every month. With Tappit Agency License you will get 5 brand new marketing templates to maximize viral traffic, get qualified leads and be a hit on hot social media platforms.
(iii) Add unlimited team members for yourself and client’s business management. Now, managing unlimited team members will be a cakewalk for you. You can manage your businesses effectively by assigning roles and privileges to your in-house team members accordingly and reduce your burden of managing hundreds of accounts and projects.
(iv) Upload unlimited images to LIBRARY hosted on our FAST servers and 200GB bandwidth/month. Speed and accuracy are pivotal success points for every online marketer today. With this premium upgrade, you can upload as much images as you want and they’ll host your UNLIMITED images on their FAST servers which you can use again and again to make your affiliate sites more appealing and engage maximum audience.

OTO4 Tappit Reseller >> Sell Tappit To Anyone And Keep 100% Profits For Yourself
You’ll get to use all Tappit Marketing Pages, Sales Videos, Members Area, Sales funnels etc. It’s extremely simple and easy. This means you don’t need to invest your time and money in any grunt work. All you need to do is use everything we’ve provided and sit back and see your profits growing. And you know what the best part is, Dr. Ameet Parek will take care of all the customer support. He has a dedicated help-desk available to handle support, product delivery and training to make it Hassle FREE for you. You don’t even need to lift a finger. And YES, you make big money and keep 100% for yourself.
You’ll start getting 100% commissions after the 7-day launch period gets over. Along with this, you’ll be delighted to know that, Dr. Ameet Parek is also giving 50% commissions over the entire funnel as a complementary gesture. So, you can make up for your investment only by having one sale itself.

Thank you for the offer, but I will try Tappit Commercial Mega Viral first before trying OTO products

Tappit Commercial Mega Viral review by Pandu McAdams softonlinesoft.net