TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

Honey, Listen! I Just Made $ 1,000 Just By Sending TXT / SMS to Facebook. Thanks For The Help Of The Video Marketing Application For New Style Text Messages That Others Never Thought Of And Viral Quickly In A Short Time: TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing

Honey, Listen! I Just Made $ 1,000 Just By Sending TXT / SMS to Facebook. Thanks For The Help Of The Video Marketing Application For New Style Text Messages That Others Never Thought Of And Viral Quickly In A Short Time: TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review by Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Merging Together SMS Text Messaging With Video Technology

Meet you again, online marketers! Still trying to increase sales and revenue? That’s great! A lot of software that supports your work, also mine, is made by developers every day. In fact, because there are too many, we are confused to choose software / applications that are really good and useful. Most software / applications are only made to imitate their predecessors by adding very little innovation. For this reason I chose not to review all the software released in Muncheye or JVZoo. Only a few good quality ones.

Okay, a few days ago I just reviewed a good software from Dr. Amit Pareek: Tappit Commercial Mega Viral. Yes, this software really helps you to create a site and gather a lot of potential content for viral, both in the form of articles and videos. And, the sales look good too. Of course because the application developer already has a good reputation. So, the reputation of the developer is my consideration to review the software / application, after the uniqueness in the software / application itself.

This time, I’m interested in reviewing TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing. A cloud-based application that is unique, fresh, simple, but effective in increasing sales. I hope you guys ready for a brand new exciting way to market using the power of video. The idea of developing one software is very simple: making a marketing video from a text conversation involving 2 parties, which seems to happen on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or cellphone. Simple, isn’t it? No, no. The text messages marketing isn’t dead yet. Text messages as a form of communication came about even before cell phones arrived. Remember pagers? Then came voice calls and messages, photos, videos, memes and emojis. But TEXT messages have still survived. Even today, the best dating apps like Tinder and Hinge encourage users to chat with people they have been matched with before exchanging numbers and/or meeting in-person. As far as I dive into the world of marketing, there’s no better way to influence your audience other than through words. Text! Check my words carefully. The way your audience consumes information keeps changing, but the core principles remain unchanged, because we all are Humans first. When Dropmock first started out to create the blueprint for TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing, this is the challenge they wanted to overcome. Video Marketing, although still quite hot, is slowly losing steam. Memes and funny images can only go so far to engage audience. Words can be captivating, and the power of words has been felt and noticed throughout history. A picture may be a thousand words, but words have proven to be the greatest influencers. Therefore, they decided to combine consumer psychology and technology to create a medium so powerful, that will serve a dual purpose for you as a marketer and business owner.

And … Jamie Ohler is the man behind the emergence TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing. He also developed some of the top-selling software in recent history like: DropMock Kinetic, Fusion, Canvas, Imagezz, Videozz, Scenezz, dan Pitch. His team is fully committed to the idea of creating products that actually help customers improve their business. Every time, they go to the drawing board to create a blueprint for a product, months of research work has already gone into the idea. This ensures that ‘Quality’ and ‘Usefulness’ of their products ALWAYS come first. Go ahead and grab a copy for TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing. Okay, back to Jamie and his successful mantra: FUN. He always ask, “Why should your business be ANY different? Why can’t you add FUN to that too? If you are selling something to someone, why does it need to be so serious? You’re dealing with people, after all, be it online or offline. And with over 20,000 happy customers, I’d say that I have enough proof that ‘My Way-Of-Doing-Things’ works.”.

Hey, I Know Jamie Ohler And Always Use the Software He Developed. I’m Sure TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Will Also Help Work. Let Me Buy It Now

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

With TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Consumers are Loving to Watch, Engage, and Interact with This New Type of Video

So, according to Jamie Ohler, video marketing is all about entertainment. I agree. Because it’s hard to imagine us using video marketing without involving FUN factors that entertain in every video we make to get the interest of potential buyers of our products. On the other hand, it’s true that video marketing works. We know that, but so does everybody else. Everyone today is using video marketing. But look up any statistics, the highest engagement generating and the most viral videos are the ones that have the FUN element. We need something else, video marketing strategy that gives a different feel.

So, if we asked again to Jamie, “So how exactly do you make your next marketing video GO VIRAL and get you the HIGHEST ENGAGEMENT you’ve ever seen on your videos?” the answer is definitely as follows: by creating a story, and not just any story. By creating a text-conversation-story with TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing.

Take a look at the video I shared above as a brief introduction with TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing from Jamie Ohler. Then, you will realize that for the 1st time ever you can now create a video in 3 simple steps that inspires people to engage, interact, and take action unlike anything you have seen before. According to my observation, the uniqueness of this software is in psychological games that are common to all of us. For example, tell me honestly! How many times have you heard the ‘Message Received Ringtone’ on someone else’s phone, someone sitting next to you. Doesn’t matter it’s a family member, friend, colleague or a complete stranger, and felt a ‘Sense Of Curiosity’ to know more about the content of the message? Don’t worry! No one’s judging. You are not the only one (lol). We all experience that. ‘The Fear Of Not Knowing’ is very powerful and generally triumphs the ethics we live by. And that is the reason, we love to eavesdrop, even on strangers. This is exactly why text-story videos are becoming a rage! Your audience just can’t help but watch these videos just to see a story unfold, even one involving complete strangers. It’s FUN, entertaining and highly engaging.

It is true! We Are Always Intrigued To Read Messages Sent And Read By Others. And When The Opportunity Comes, We Must Read Conversations From Beginning To Finish. TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing I Must Buy Right Now!

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

Get Ready For Such Astonishing And Unbelievable Rates Of Engagement On Your Next Marketing Video With TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing

Do you see the potential here? Warming up your audience with a carefully crafted text-story that looks real, sounds real, but is completely fictional and in your control. It carries your message in the most subtle way. Then, imagine what you can convey with that: Answer frequently asked questions, Make a sales pitch, Announce a new upgrade, Run a survey, Emphasize a pain-point, Get customers on the fence to take action.

So, I repeat this again: TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing is a brand new video technology that feels like a FUN toy yet has the POWER to assist in making your TXT/SMS style videos to go viral and is a must for your video marketing tool box!

You must understand that this is all about:

  • Create text stories that are displayed in a smartphone and turn them into videos
  • SaaS cloud based video creation software. nothing to download or install
  • 3-Step creation process for super-fast results
  • Advanced technology for simple and fast video render
  • 1-Click download to generate massive engagement and drive traffic
  • Unique combination of psychology + technology to push engagement through the roof
  • Works for any product in any niche. complete newbie friendly. no technical skills required

Until here, what does that mean for us as marketers and business owners? Well, the answer is text-story videos combine the art of story-telling and selling in a very powerful (yet, non-intrusive) way. Story-telling make you not distant from prospective buyers. They will get the impression that the stories displayed are genuine from fellow humans (not robots) and took it at that time. Story-telling is the most effective effort to bring marketers closer to consumers.

One thing I am afraid to miss is reminding you that by using TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing we are no more worries about copyrighted images and video clips. Before, to create an engaging video you have needed images and short video clips. Now, most of these that are good enough to be used in your video to help you deliver the right message, are copyrighted in example are owned by someone. Every time you use them you are running a real risk of a lawsuit. Words on the other hand are mostly not restricted or owned by anyone. Changing the context, changes the meaning, and they still continue to be really powerful in influencing buying decisions.

In the end, I don’t have another sentence to describe TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing to you besides it is really powerful stuff. Why? Because today, when the ‘Attention-Span’ of the average audience out there is trending ever closer to that of a goldfish. Or when businesses are striving to get their audience attention for long enough to at least show-off their brand logo. What if, you could get ‘UNDIVIDED ATTENTION’ of your target audience with your next marketing video – exactly the like you see in the examples here and above? Can you put a price on that? I mean you could sell them anything, at any price. Make them sign-up/register for anything you want. Isn’t that powerful stuff? Of course, it is.

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing by Jamie Ohler

Reading Your Reviews So Far Has Made Me Super Excited To Get Started TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing. Show How To Use It And I Will Immediately Buy It Right Now

Jamie Ohler and team has worked over-time the past few months to get you the MASSIVE ADVANTAGE of being the first marketer and business owner to use TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing. And after you get it, this is the easiest way to create text-story videos in just 3 simple steps without any technical skills:

Login to your Cloud Based SaaS TXTVideo Platform. Once you are logged in you will now be able to start creating your TXTVideo. Just choose an image, change the name, decide on a time, and battery life (wow!). This will get you ready to start adding the TXT Conversation to your video.

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

Step 1 – Login To TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing

Remember, “People hate getting sold to, but they love to buy”. The chat could be made to look like it’s between you (or your customer support staff, sales agent) and your customer or even between 2 fictional characters that are related or not, but are talking about your product.
Expert Tip: You have complete creative freedom here, so remember to be personal and relatable, and type like a person would normally text someone. Do not use super formal language and don’t forget we live in a text-based world so try to use texting lingo.

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

Step 2 – Create A Video From Your Story Using TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing

The pull of social media addiction isn’t all in our heads. It’s REAL. Your audience wants this. They want to be entertained, engaged, informed, and buy from you. TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing’s 1-click download and super-fast video render makes it super easy for you to start sharing your new video instantly on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Just sit back and watch your video go viral.

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

Step 3 – Download And Share With Your Audiance Using TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing

Three easy steps, right? Even my child who is not 15 years old can use it. As long as you can write and read, this software is for you. Next, let me show you TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing with it’s full power at display.

i. Easy Conversation Creator
With TXTVideo you are in total control. To help you get started on the right note. They have included some Conversation Scripts. Just pick a conversation script and change anything and everything you want. The entire conversation is completely in your hands. What is being said, how is it being said, you control everything. Words can be really powerful when used right. They help invoke the right emotions and dispel fears. You can literally move mountains with them. The whole chat leads to where you want it to go. To a sales pitch, to a new feature you have just introduced, to creating a need for your product. There’s absolutely no limit to the possibilities.

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

With TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing You Are in Total Control

ii. Fully Customizable Conversations
The TXTVideo team believes in perfection. For them, ittle things matter. They know the HUGE impact these ‘little’ things can have on your business. Keeping that in mind, everything in your TXTVideo conversation script is customizable. Change the text, the display pictures of the persons supposedly chatting, their names, the battery life signs, the time, etc. Every conversation you create would be unique and give a REAL and authentic feel. The team of designers and copywriters that worked on creating these scripts are highly skilled and experienced. They know the market and have a knack for knowing what would work and get you best results.

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

Fully Customizable Conversations With TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing

iii. SaaS Cloud Based Video Creation
There are no boundaries and no limits now when it comes to running your business. Businesses are no longer a slave to the day-time. Things like opening hours are a thing of the past. You’re selling 24×7. You’re selling to people from around the world. There are no Off-Days anymore. TXTVideo is a fully SaaS cloud-based video creation tool. You don’t need to download or install anything. Create videos with TXTVideo from wherever you are. Just login and get started. No hosting required. Create a text-story video and download it to any machine. Beat your competitors even when you are on a vacation.

iv. Simple And Fast Video Render
Today your audience is consuming content faster than ever before. They are online 24×7. Their attention spans are getting shorter. To be and stay on top of their minds you have to keep creating content almost all the time. TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing’s advanced technology makes rendering your videos 10x faster and simpler than anything out there. Once you have created the conversation you wanted and customized every part of that chat to your liking, hit ‘Render Video’. In just a few moments your new highly engaging video would be ready for download. No more staring at the ‘Rendering Progress Bar’ or trying to refresh the page. No more ‘Your Video Is In The Queue ’ messages.

v. 1-Click Download
Your creations are your property. Jamie Ohler’s team value that. You can certainly ‘Save’ those videos on your TXTVideo account, but they also wanted to make sure that your creations are accessible to you even when you are not connected to internet. So, TXTVideo allows you to download your videos on your computer, tablet, laptop or even smartphones with just 1-click. Once the advanced video render completes rendering your video, you can download the video and save it. Watch the video anytime offline and show it to your friends.

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

1-Click Download Allowed Using TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing

vi. Go Viral
Videos are the most engaging content today. And stories are creating a rage on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Your audience are mainly on these 3 platforms. Combined, these platforms have billions of users across the world. Create your next super marketing video with TXTVideo and go viral on these social media giants. TXTVideo intelligently combines story-telling and your marketing message to create a perfect video to help you grow your business to unimaginable heights.

vii. Multiple Languages Supported
Create attention-grabbing text story videos in any language you want and effectively connect with your chosen market! I really love this feature. It is quite unique to see Arabic or Chinese letters scattered in the conversations we make, then we ourselves cannot read them. Lol!

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Multiple Languages Support

I’m sure you start looking forward to trying TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing directly. You really need this software. And to make you even more sure, I convey a message from Jamie Ohler that:
YOUR PURCHASE IS PROTECTED WITH 30-DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! It’s clear that It’s a powerful tool that can help you influence buying decisions of your audience in a new, unique and fun way. But Jamie Ohler want you to be absolutely sure about using TXTVideo to gain massive advantage in your business and in your niche. Keeping that in mind, you are free to use TXTVideo for 30 days. If within 30 days you feel that TXTVideo is not something you are able to use to make profits in your business, you can simply ask for your money back by dropping Jamie Ohler a message at his Support Desk. TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing is guaranteed to deliver results for everyone. It has been created keeping the market trends in mind. When used intelligently, it is sure to deliver amazing results.

Stop Struggling With Declining Video Engagement Rates And Be The First To Exploit Addictive Texting For Marketing. Get Access To TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing

As an online marketer, we of course have tried to meme, video clips, images, explainer videos, and funny videos. The result? Not exactly failed or bad, but the latest spike in engagement rates is MOST evident in Text-Story Videos. Highly engaging and providing full control to INFLUENCE your audience in the subtlest manner, Text-Story Videos are going to be the game changers.

Well, what are the reasons you used to delay the purchase of TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing? Do not regret, later you will be late for viral, also miss the bonuses that have been prepared by Jamie Ohler and the team. What are the bonuses? Check below:

Jamie Ohler’s team of professional copywriters have gone out of their way to create compelling, engaging, and fun conversation TXTVideo scripts that you can use right away.

With any NEW Cloud Based SaaS Platform we all need training. By becoming a TXTVideo customer today you will receive access to exclusive LIVE training to get you up and running right away.

Once this special launch comes to an end, TXTVideo will be taken of the market. It will be re-launched in a few months’ time at a monthly recurring cost of $199. This special offer is ONLY available for Jamie Ohler’s business partners, their customers and Jamie Ohler’s existing customers. In case you face any challenges at the checkout page, please contact your affiliate or TXTVideo Support Desk immediately. Once the launch is over, the one-time price in the system will end. After that, you’ll have to wait for a few months to get your hands on TXTVideo (and at a much higher monthly recurring price). But, with 30-days Money Back Guarantee, your investment is absolutely secure.

Ah, I also attached a number of questions (Frequently Asked Questions) that consumers often asked Jamie Ohler:

  • How many TXTVideos can I create?
    A1. UNLIMITED. With TXTVideo you can create as many TXTVideo Stories as you want. You are only limited to the amount of time for each video.
  • Can I sell this as a service?
    A2. Normally you’d have to upgrade to avail such a feature, but during this LIMITED time offer, we are giving away Commercial License at no extra cost. This means that you can create and sell as many TXTVideos (and for whatever price) you’d like.
  • Whom do I contact if I have a problem with my purchase?
    A3. You can get in touch with our Support Desk at any time you want.
  • Can I get TXTVideo later?
    A4. TXTVideo will be available again after a few months and not at a one-time fee, rather a monthly recurring price which would be much higher than the price right now. Think about the kind of profits you’d be leaving on the table till then.
  • What are the Hidden-Costs?
    A5. Absolutely nothing. You get what you see at the price you see on this page. Transparency is the hallmark of DropMock brand. That is one of the many reasons why we have over 20,000 happy customers and the list is growing at a pretty fast rate.

Okay, it seems like you have got what you want: TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing.
However, besides that Jamie Ohler provides several options that adjust your needs for software to support hunting dollars from the internet. What are they? Let’s see together below.

OTO1 TXTVideo Elite Member >>  Have Access To Done-For-You TXTVideo Conversation Scripts, Video Scene Templates, and Exclusive AVIT API Technology
Professionally designed custom produced video templates for the highest conversions delivered to you month after month. Super simple to use, just:
1. Choose a Popup Video Template
2. Add your TXTVideo
3. Add Music
4. Click Render

But that’s not it, there’s more: The videos you create don’t need to be under 1 minute anymore! Now, you can create long videos (up to 3 minutes). Why you need this? Because longer videos help scale up conversions. You don’t have to hurry into delivering your pitch. Take your time and warm up your audience in the first few minutes. Inform them, entertain them, educate them, and then slip in your product or service. With an average 150 words per minute, you can deliver a 750 words message with your videos.

OTO2 TXTVideo Elite Agency Toolkit >> Step-By-Step Instructions And All The Marketing Materials Needed
The TXTVideo Elite Agency Toolkit will immediately provide you with step by step instructions and all the necessary business tools needed to LAUNCH your new TXTVideo product into the marketplace, gain momentum and solidify deals with business after business all wanting to pay you to create TXTVideos:

    Carefully written by our professional copywriters these action oriented emails will have you in front of business owners that are eager to work with your company.
    The power of Facebook is undeniable and we have years of experience running ad campaigns that produce results. You will now be equipped with the EXACT ads that all you need to do is upload to your ad account and submit to have your ads running right away.
    Instagram has become the go to COOL place to hang out and your video message needs to be in front of this MASSIVE crowd. Along with your Facebook ads our team has created video ads to cater this this specific audience.
  • A well crafted proposal letter can go miles when dealing with higher end companies that are well established and require a bit more professionalism to land the contract. That is why you will want to get your hands on this.
    Once again setting your business up from the start to succeed is a MUST. Getting paid should be your #1 priority behind landing new customers. Using invoices to make sure you and your customers are on the same page will allow you to do just that.
    What should you charge for your TXTVideo services? This has been one of the #1 questions being asked, so we have developed a pricing sheet that outlines everything in detail for you and your customers.
    Want to hire a professional sales person to land more clients for your business? Great, we have just the thing they will need to lock down meeting after meeting with potential clients by just picking up the phone and saying Hi.
    Time for you to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all your favorite social media outlets. We have created you an enormous amount of social media content that you can use right away to get the message out that you can create these amazing videos.
    One of the biggest challenges I see when launching a new product into the marketplace is knowing exactly what to do on Day 1 thru Day 30 of your new venture. So I have outlined my proven success path that I have personally used to skyrocket my business and now you have it at your fingertips. Just follow my daily plan and you WILL GENERATE NEW BUSINESS!

OTO3 TXTVideo Bootcamp Training >> Jamie Ohler Personally Going To Train You
Jamie Ohler opening the door to a handful of savvy entrepreneurs like yourself to work directly with him as he share the insider secrets that he have uncovered during the creation of this amazing platform. This is a list of training sessions that you can follow:

  • “Jump Starting Your Txtvideo Business”
  • “Landing Deals By Being A Consumer Of Your Product”
  • “The Power Of Txtvideo Conversation Scripts”
  • “How To Use My Secret Sequencing Strategy”
  • “Working With Major Brands”
  • “Local And National Associations Need You Right Now”
  • “Upselling Is The Key”
  • “Confidence In You And Your Business”

Thank You For The Offers, But I Will Try TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing First Before Trying OTO Products

TXTVideo Power Text Story Marketing Review By Pandu McAdams Softonlinesoft.net