DataJEO Upgrade Premium by Walt Bayliss Segmented Review – Most Powerful One-Click Market Research Platform Ever Created; Become The World’s Newest Super-Affiliate By Discovering And Copying High-Converting Ads In Any Niche

DataJEO Upgrade Premium by Walt Bayliss Segmented Review – Most Powerful One-Click Market Research Platform Ever Created; Become The World’s Newest Super-Affiliate By Discovering And Copying High-Converting Ads In Any Niche

Dear my friends, entrepreneurs, bloggers, eCommerce and social media marketers, and anyone who hunting for dollar in the world of Internet Marketing. Welcome to my short, segmented, and compact review, complete and uptodate.
This time I review a product named “DataJEO”, with Walt Bayliss as product vendor, who has a hobby of creating software to helps internet marketer gain success. The product is part of a sales funnel which includes up to 11 other products. You know, he’s happy playing with search engine to find a loophole to gain profit. And with his “DataJEO” you don’t need to be an expert, it makes you one.
Oke, dude…before I start reviewing, I want let you to know that my review is divided into 10 segments. I intentionally put all the pictures and videos at the end of my review. So you can keep focusing to read my review and I promise to you that my review is easy to understand. And for the sake of completeness of the information, I need you to read it from beginning to end. Hopefully you guys satisfied.

Segment 1: Product Category
DataJEO is web based software, works like a search engine. DataJEO looking for and manage super big data which are related to the world of online marketing.

Segment 2: Product Description
Imagine if you knew exactly who your ideal customer was, where they hung out on the web, what sites they visited and how to reach them in the best possible way, could you imagine what that would be worth? Seriously, put a dollar figure on it then imagine if you could do exactly that, for any product at any time, every time. And that’s what DataJEO can do for you. DataJEO is “Big Data At Small Prices”. But this isn’t just data. This is like having the whole NSA working to make everything you do online more profitable. Want to know what people are looking for? You got it. Want to know where your market’s hanging out? One website search will tell you. How about the other ads they’re being shown? You can get them all laid out for you in an instant. You can dig in to any niche and any website. This isn’t marketing. This is sorcery. Nothing compares to DataJEO’s huge investigative power.
DataJEO is so easy to operate, as easy as 1-2-3. And I mean that literally.
(1) Enter the website or keyword you want to research and hit ‘go’
(2) DataJEO’s network will query the top data sources on the web and bring back all the info right to your dashboard
(3) After just a couple of minutes, you’ll have everything you need to create a killer promotion. And by everything, we mean everything.

Other important information that I want to give are how DataJEO works:
– Track your data to identify the source of every click, sign up, and webpage visitor
– Get detailed demographic reports that would put the C.I.A out of business
– Track competitor pages. Track sales, revenue, profits and ROI (if they gave out scout badges for tracking software, you’d have them all)
– Automatically generate real time behavior updates on leads, customers and clients with a powerful backend CRM

– Test new landing pages with immediate results
– Perform A/B split testing, fine-tune your results, increase your ROI and scale with confidence
– See it all happening in real-time without ever leaving the comfort of DataJeo.

– Cut off poor performing ads and turn on the tap to high converting traffic
– Optimize your marketing. Understand each new visitor, lead or customer on a more personal basis thanks to DataJeo’s built in CRM
– Acquire leads, customers, and clients cheaper use cloud-based software and access your data anywhere
– Create detailed traffic reports and export to CSV

Segment 3: The Reason Why The Product Were Made
Dear my segmented review readers, call him (Walt Bayliss) ambitious, but he is trying to change your life here. Because when you’re finally able to make your online marketing not only profitable but easy, when you’ve got commissions and sales from products happening every day, when the morning commute becomes optional. When that happens, he want you to remember this moment. Because he think you’re going to look back on it, and say that right now is when it changed. For him, it was 12 words that led to a revelation, and he is about to tell you what they are. But there’s something very important you need to know first… this was almost the biggest mistake of my life.
Online business is meant to be simple. Drive traffic. Make money. An easy game. Except it’s not. Instead, you find yourself having to remortgage your house to pay for all those clicks, and no one who clicks on your ads seems to even notice the buy button. It’s not surprising a lot of people give up. Walt Bayliss, me, and you, almost did. We all put so much energy into trying to understand the product so we could craft the perfect ad. And then we watched our costs leap up and our ROI stay painfully small. So we began to wonder if business was something we was really cut out for, or whether we should cut our losses and go back to the rat race. But with just 12 words, Walt Bayliss’s world was blown wide open.
This advice came from an A-list copywriter, someone Walt Bayliss consider as a personal friend. And when Walt Bayliss did as his friend suggested, he found the cost of his advertising, drop by a staggering 67.6%, saving him a fortune! He was getting more clicks for less money in the exact same niche. So what were those magic words? “Stop trying to understand the product. You’ve got to understand the customer.” And it’s true. When you understand who your target customer is, when you know who’s buying your competition’s products, when you know precisely who is searching for those keywords you’re targeting, when you know where they’re hanging out and what else they’re looking for, then turning traffic into money just got a whole lot easier.
But there’s one crucial problem that could destroy your chances before you begin. It’s not that you can’t find this information. You can. Go sign up to Alexa, Adbeat and SimilarWeb, and they’ll deliver it all to you. But I suggest you don’t do that yet, because this is the bad news. They’re to expensive! And even when you’ve got the data, it can be hard to interpret. How do you turn this into a customer avatar that lets you nail your next campaign? But imagine that before you ran any campaign, you were given a full report on your target customer. Imagine that whenever you wanted to enter a new niche or run a new campaign, you could push a button and be given full data of your target customer. Everything you need to know, all in one place. Do you see how valuable that information is? Gathering it manually would take weeks and cost you hundreds of dollars per campaign! DataJEO delivers the information at a price that will make all of your marketing infinitely more profitable and delivered in a matter of seconds.
With this deep-level market intelligence, you virtually can’t fail to run a successful campaign. Just think about it… if you were given this information, you wouldn’t have to work out what would make your target customer buy. You’d know it. Think this is impossible? Think again. Then welcome DataJEO, the minute you start using is the minute you start outsmarting your competition.
With DataJEO, you’ll never look at business the same way again. You’ll never have to guess. Never have to throw money at ads that had no hope of working. And with DataJEO the odds will always be in your favour. Because this is what intel like this means. It could mean enough profit to quit your day job. It could mean you can finally start that retirement account. It could just mean the security of having a business you can rely on, that can keep the money coming in well into the future. But whatever you want, whether that’s time, money, or freedom.

Segment 4: What ‘s Inside & What You Get
Full report of your target customer, like…“Where your customer is coming from?”; “What keywords they’re looking for?”; and “What social media they use?”

DataJEO shows us everything.
A. DataJEO shows you what people are looking for…
Search by Keyword or Domain:
Start exploring products related to keywords, or break down a successful competitor’s website to see what they’re selling.
Refined Search:
Simply check or uncheck a few boxes to drill down into your data for specific results fast.
Analyze Organic Competitor Keywords:
Find out which organic keywords send your competition the most traffic and make sure your marketing funnels more traffic your way.
Analyze Your Own Keywords:
Search yourself, discover the strengths and weaknesses in your current campaigns, get rid of underperforming keywords, then scale what works.
Build Keyword Groups:
Expand your reach, and your profits, by creating keyword groups for your PPC campaigns.
Deep Search:
DataJEO will bring you back as much data as you like with just a few clicks of your mouse. It’ll even email you when your results are in so there’s no need to wait about – or even have your browser open.
Top Keywords:
Reveal the best keywords and phrases capable of driving the most traffic to any site, product or funnel, in any niche.
Analyze Paid Competitors Keywords:
Secure a better ROI for your paid advertising by only choosing keywords that are already proven to perform.
Understand Your Market:
Create a complete SEO or PPC strategy by uncovering the most popular sites, products and keywords in your industry before you invest a single dollar in advertising.
Discover Hot Topics For Content:
Check out the most visited pages on sites owned by the leaders and influencers in your industry. Then use top referring keywords to find out what’s trending, and what’s selling.

B. DataJEO shows you where your audience is…
Top Traffic Sources:
​Discover the best sources of traffic for any website. See referrals, organic, social, and display traffic, and use your findings to grow your business.
Top Referrals:
​Discover domains that are sending the most traffic to any given site, and see how much traffic they generated.
Top Publishers:
​There’s nothing worse than spending a fortune on traffic from publishers that doesn’t covert, so don’t. Instead, DataJEO will show you the publishers where industry leaders are already investing.
Top Pages:
​Uncover the most popular pages on any website and then analyze those pages for a wealth of useful traffic data.
Similar Sites:
​DataJEO provides a useful list of similar sites based on categories, interests, and audience insights to help you expand your reach and find new audiences.
Similar Advertisers:
​Steal a march on your slower, less prepared competition by uncovering new and underused advertisers.
Similar Keywords:
​Build keyword groups quickly, fine tune your traffic, and discover new keywords that are hidden in plain sight.
IAB recommendations:
​DataJEO uses industry standard categories and taxonomies to help you place the right ads, in the right places, at the right times.
Related Links and Categories:
​Research your market from unique angles to find already profitable sectors, and undiscovered territories.
Social Referrals:
​Find out where all the best social traffic is coming from and who’s sending it then place your ads and content there too.
Recommended Channels:
​Dig deep and generate a powerful social media strategy
Demographics and Audience Insights:
​Just about every important demographic and audience interest is provided to help you hone your marketing strategy.
Mobile/Desktop Traffic:
​See at a glance whether you should be focusing on mobile or desktop for any given niche.
Find New Affiliates and Partners:
​Discover new affiliates and partners by examining the popular sites and products in your niche.
Ethically Steal Your Competitors Affiliates:
​Search the data on your main competitors, find out who sent them the most traffic, and contact them directly.
Keep Tabs On Your Affiliates:
​Search your own sites and products, see which affiliates are pulling their weight and which affiliates need help in sending your more traffic.
Monitor Your Outgoing Traffic:
​Discover which of your affiliates and partners are working with different sites and vendors.
Earn Authority And Link Juice:
​Boost your rankings and gain exposure by finding and teaming up with authority websites in your niche.
Map Your Competitive Landscape:
​Identify the biggest players in each industry, understand their strategies, and model what works.

C. Datajeo shows what your audience loves to click…
Optimize Your Ads:
No need to reinvent the wheel. DataJEO shows you the ad copy and brand creative that’s already working in your industry. You just need to see it, model it, and use it to create your own ads, branding and creative.
Search by Size:
​Quickly identify the best banners, placement ads, and CTAs used by your competitors.
Search by Date:
​The longest running ads are usually the most successful ads. Discover them for yourself by searching timelines for your all your results.

And that’s why DataJEO can filter everything down for you to deliver your ideal customer avatar.

So if you don’t have time to dig through the huge piles of data yourself, you can see AT A GLANCE who you should be targeting your ads to. With this incredible new software, you’ll know so much about your customer the NSA will be calling to find out how it’s done…

  • Create products laser-targeted to your market with no tedious research
  • Become the world’s newest super-affiliate by discovering and copying high-converting ads in any niche
  • Drive cheap, competition-free traffic by targeting the ‘weird’ sources that the experts ignore, but are full of hidden buyers
  • Instantly understand the problem your audience wants to solve and watch your conversions explode
  • Finally crack paid traffic: you’ll be amazed at how easy the biggest and most sustainable source of traffic online can be

If you buy now, you get full information about your target customer, that means…

  • No more hours of endless research, because you’ve been given all the information you need
  • Massive increases in your Click Through Rates, because you know exactly what gets your audience excited
  • Near-perfect targeting: you can see the keywords your audience is searching for. And when you know what they’re looking for, you know what to give them
  • A huge increase in sales: the hardest part of selling is finding a product your audience wants to buy. When you know what they want, you can put it in front of them every time
  • Eliminate false starts: other marketers can run dozens of ads before they find a successful campaign. You can home in on that killer ad with the accuracy of an Exocet missile

And the advantages of this product…

  • No more false starts: Pick any product and immediately know who the audience is and how to reach them (and you can do this over and over again)
  • Build a sustainable, stable, scalable business based on facts, not guesswork
  • Uncover new clients, new affiliates, and new untapped growth opportunities
  • Understand your customers and competitors better than ever before (DataJEO makes data so easy to understand it’ll make your grocery list look complicated)
  • Find and follow the same proven growth strategies that your competition is already using to make huge gains (they’ve done all the hard work, it’d be a shame not to take advantage)
  • Use your time effectively—find out where your audience is, find out where to place your ads for maximum exposure, find out what it’s like to run a hugely profitable ad campaign
  • Get everything done fast: Because DataJEO collects all the data you need into one place, you won’t just be creating more profitable campaigns, you’ll be creating them faster
  • Make all the smart decisions: With DataJEO, you’ll be the guy your competitors want to imitate

And the easiness of this product…

  • DataJEO finds everything you need to develop a winning strategy
  • DataJEO makes sure you understand your niche better than the NSA understands your phone records
  • DataJEO helps massively reduce risk in practically every business decision you make
  • DataJEO gives you the ability to uncover—and use—the insider secrets, sure-fire strategies, and dirty-tricks used by your competition to stay at the top of the industry
  • DataJEO whilst all the data about your customers is out there in the world

It just gets better because they give you bonus if you sign up today…
Full access to DataJEO’s professional tracking suite. This incredibly powerful module gives you something a standard data service never can. The ability to see exactly how your campaigns are performing. You’ll be able to:

  1. See where your conversions are coming from
  2. Track your revenue streams
  3. Split test your landing pages
  4. Optimize your marketing messages
  5. And far more! All from the comfort of your DataJEO account.

Segment 5: Types of Purchases
You can choose for monthly option, yearly option, even 3 year option payment.

Segment 6: Price & Guarantee
During this special launch offer they’re reducing DataJEO from $997 to $297, and it’s entirely risk free. And while you could go out and pay nearly $500 a month for Similar Web, Alexa, and Adbeat, you still wouldn’t have all the data that you can get with DataJEO (not even close to everything we deliver). You wouldn’t have it aggregated and averaged to give you the best results and you wouldn’t have it for the crazy pricing that makes every other data gathering source obsolete. Even at the higher price, it’s worth it right? I mean, if you could invest $1,000 and get back $50,000 in sales because you knew your customers and how to find them. Would you? Of course! But could it? Absolutely. But you get an even better deal because you get all of that information and can still find out everything you need to run successful marketing campaigns and not pay anywhere close to that.
You get complete access to the entire platform, including the premium tracking software. You’ll be able to see first-hand the kind of massive impact real data can have on your business. Take your time to test out the platform, run a few campaigns, track them, see what it’s like having access to the kind of intel that was once only reserved for big budgets. If it’s not for you, let the vendor know within 30 days, and you’ll be refunded in full, no questions asked. But if you choose to continue using DataJEO then you’ll simply continue on the plan you choose below. The good news is…whichever plan you do choose today, it’ll be at a huge discount on the post-launch prices.

Segment 7: The Following Products

Segment 8: Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is this a one time cost?
A. No this is either a monthly or yearly cost (Or the three year license if you are lucky enough to grab one of the limited number available).

Q. Will the cost ever go up?
A. No! As long as you are a customer you get to lock in the low introductory pricing. Forever!

Q. What if i don’t want to renew?
A. Simple. Just let us know and we’ll cancel your account. One email to support any time and it’s done.

Q. Will you be adding to the data?
A. Yes! We already have plans in place for the next 12 months. You will see new sources all the time.

Q. Is there training provided?
A. Yes. Complete walkthrough including the “What Do I Do With This Data?”

Q. Can I start on monthly and then go to yearly later?
A. You can…but after this launch the yearly will be $997, so if you want the lowest price, lock it in now. if you can only swing for the monthly, you are still getting amazing value that will continue to deliver valuable information on all your campaigns anytime you log in.

Segment 9: Testimony
Jimmy Kim – CEO
“As a digital marketer who buys traffic to grow their business, paid traffic is a key part of our business. When it comes to market research and data, I use Data Jeo to speed up the process to save me both time and money.”

David Schloss –
“We run nearly a million dollars per month on Facebook advertising through our agency and customer research is the difference between a successful campaign and a failure. DataJeo makes the research push button easy and eliminates the costly exercise of the initial ‘tweaking’ of ads to perform better.”

Quentin Pain
“Hell yeah! If I knew exactly what they wanted and I had it to sell, wouldn’t that just be the best thing!”

If you feel it is enough to read reviews from me, please check link below:
DataJEO Upgrade Premium by Walt Bayliss Segmented Review – Most Powerful One-Click Market Research Platform Ever Created; Become The World’s Newest Super-Affiliate By Discovering And Copying High-Converting Ads In Any Niche

Segment 10: Pictures & Videos

DataJEO Sales Video

DataJEO Demo Video

DataJEO Deep Insight Into Competitor Data

DataJEO – cost of advertising drop

DataJEO – cost of advertising drop

DataJEO cheaper data cost

DataJEO Customer Full Report

The only thing they did different was overcome their doubts, and give DataJEO a try. Ask any one of them and they’ll tell you it was worth every cent. And if you too can cast aside your doubt, you’ll be telling everyone the exact same thing. That’s not hype.
Today is your opportunity to make an impact. There will never be a better time than today to reliably invest in your business. There will never be a better opportunity to compete against the best in your niche on a level playing field. If you’re ready to start building a business you can rely on that you can use as an engine for your dreams that you can be proud of, you can.
However you decide to do it, the choice is yours. But make the choice. Because there’s no better time than right now to make an impact. And then you can look back on this moment and say that right now is the moment things changed.
All the best, Pandu McAdams.

If you feel it is enough to read reviews from me, please check link below:
DataJEO Upgrade Premium by Walt Bayliss Segmented Review – Most Powerful One-Click Market Research Platform Ever Created; Become The World’s Newest Super-Affiliate By Discovering And Copying High-Converting Ads In Any Niche

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