StreamStore + Dynamic Post Plugin Powerful Amazon Software Store Builder Segmented Review – WordPress System To Build A Complete Amazon Store Network In Minutes And Earned $4.000 In Just A Short 30 Day

By Pandu McAdams | 27/04/2017

StreamStore + Dynamic Post Plugin Powerful Amazon Software Store Builder Segmented Review – WordPress System To Build A Complete Amazon Store Network In Minutes And Earned $4.000 In Just A Short 30 Day

Dear sellers, online businessman, and anyone who hunting for dollar in the world of Internet Marketing. Welcome to may short and compact review, complete and uptodate. This time I review a product named “StreamStore”. Ariel Sanders as product vendor.
This product is worth to review by me, and distributed to current or future affiliate marketer. Why? Because everyone in the internet marketing world gets their start with affiliate marketing. You’re right, maybe not everyone, but it seems like when you don’t have a list of your own, when you want to get started without a product, and when you don’t have the knowledge, money, or time to waste building a funnel that might not work, you turn to the more profitable affiliate marketing program, Amazon. And I’m sure Amazon can build you a long term sustainable business.
Okay, my prologue is enough. And before I start reviewing, I want to let you know that this review is divided into 10 segments. Pictures and videos is intentionally I put it at the very end of review. It is aimed at keeping the reader’s focus. And for the sake of completeness of the information, I need you to read it from beginning to end. Hopefully you guys satisfied.

Segment 1: Product Category
StreamStore is Amazon store builder software. You buy it, get download link from vendor, then install it to your WordPress.

Segment 2: Product Description
StreamStore is faster, easier, and hands free new Amazon software which taps into advanced “stream” technology to build fully automated stores. With StreamStore you can build a complete Amazon store network in minutes, full with all Amazon available products, deals and discounts, with website and landing pages which are responsive, beautifully designed all with a viral traffic system. The vendor claimed that StreamStore is 100% Amazon compliant with Amazon’s terms of service to ensure your business is protected and your profits are safe. This helpful tool is installed on your wordpress before it can work.

Segment 3: The Reason Why The Product Were Made
Departing from the fact that in 2015 Amazon noted $87 billion sold worth of goods transaction, and $3,48 billion affiliate commission. That is crazy figures and it continue to grow year on year. And it’s easy to see why smart affiliates want to get their share of the Amazon pie. But ask around to and you’ll soon find out that the only way to make any real profits as an Amazon affiliate si set up your Amazon store. Sadly, that’s where most people screw up.
The problem is, keeping on top Amazon stores becomes a confusing headache of choices, time consuming, updates and missed opportunities. So, the vendor has been observed and noted that there are 7 massive problems destroying your ability to profit wildly from Amazon.
Problem One, Limited Range of Products. Until now, all store builders have forced you to choose and import which products appear in your store, severely limiting how many people will buy from you. Perhaps you can import 100, maybe 1.000 products, or maybe even 10.000 products. But you’re going to remain limited by the size of your database, and that means you’ll only be able to offer a tiny percentage of the 32 millions products Amazon have to offer.
You can try and guess what product will and won’t sell, but limiting yourself like this can only ever negatively impact on your ability to profit short and long term with your Amazon store.

Problem Two, The Two Step Disconnect. Other Amazon stores builders force you to import products to your store and then leave them there, completely diconnected from what is actually happening on Amazon. This means if you don’t remember to run, annoying, time-consuming daily updates all, of your potential customers will miss any special offers, daily or monthly deals, price changes, or they might find your products out of stock, or worse the older version of a new product.
This two step disconnect leads directly to lost sales, unhappy customers, constantly out-of-date stores and you can wave goodbye for good to any potential customers that visit and then leave.

Problem Three, Amazon Branches. The old way of setting up an Amazon store forced you to choose between one of 8 countries and their products. This meant that if you choose the United States for your branch then you would automatically wave goodbye to millions of potential customers in 7 other countries including he UK,Canada, Japan, etc. When you consider that non-US customers make up 40% of Amazon purchases, that is a huge loss of potential customers.

Problem Four, Poor Landing Pages. All of the most successful online companies use clear landing pages because a customer’s attention span is so short. The old Amazon store builder’s storefonts fail to wow the visitor by showing them exactly what they are looking for. But the old style of boring, same-same, main pages, with 10 products was the only choice you had. Relying on looking like everyone else, with only limited products on offer means that even if you are lucky maybe only one in a hundred visitors will be looking for one of your products. All the rest, are lost sales.

Problem Five, Mobile Non Responsive. Up to a massive 45% of all inline traffic was viewed on a mobile device. Last year that % is only looking likely to increase. Especially for highly trusted online businesses like Amazon, and yet a huge number of Amazon stores fail to optimize for mobile devices and lose a huge percentage of potential customers because of it. Simply put, running an Amazon store that is not mobile friendly is like throwing money down the drain.

Problem Six, Poor Technical Skills. Older Amazon store builders have a confusing array of content builders that will frustrate even the most technically gifted user. CSV import, ASINS list, Bulk import, verification e synchronization, SKU, are the only some of the technical skills you had to learn to run those stores. But most users don’t need to know all the technical specifics behind creating a store and so end up having to pay out extra money for webmasters to finish the job.
Either that or you end up and running bad build stores that don’t make any commission, and you become another unhappy affiliate who feels making money online is impossible.

Problem Seven, No Traffic. All other Amazon builders rely on SEO to get traffic to your store, and that’s a big problem. SEO is a key strategy that can send tons of traffic to your site for free. But SEO is also very dangerous strategy because you become dependent on Google’s algorithm. The world of affiliate marketing is full of stories of luckless affiliates who watched their business disappear overnight because Google made a tiny change in the way they rank sites. So be careful before wasting time and money optimizing your site and building backlinks, because having to re-rank your site can often be more trouble than it’s worth.

That’s all seven problem we have to face. Then I think you already know StreamStore made to resolve the above issue. How? Check at the next segment.

Segment 4: What’s Inside & What You Get
After you read 7 massive problems above, you want to know how StreamStore fixes all of that and revolutionizes the Amazon affiliate selling process? So this is the solutions.
Solution One, Unlimited Products. Have you ever dreamed of having an entire Amazon store that give your customers unlimited choice when they reach your Amazon store by using the StreamStore products on demand system? Now it’s not a dream anymore. Your visitors will receive dynamically generated content direct from Amazon so they’ll never be without choice. This means your store can service any niche your visitor is in, any time, and with any product. Plus build yourself an entire network of sites, and you’ll never have to referesh your content, check your product versions are up-to-date, or rebuild a store to meet demand.

Solution Two, Permanent Connection (24/7 instant streamlined connection with Amazon). StreamStore overcomes the two-step disconnect between Amazon and your store by creating an instant and permanent connection. This means that whenever an event takes place on Amazon, it is instantly reflected in your stores. You’ll never need to carry out those frustrating updates. Visitors will always get the newest product, price, daily deal, discount or free giveaway. Meaning your visitors will bookmark your store so they can easily come back and again to buy more. You can even create a free kindle bookstore to display all the latest free KDP deals and leverage the 60.000+ in monthly search traffic that free kindle books provides.

Solution Three, Eight Worldwide Eight Amazon Branches. Are you aware that revolutionary StreamStore technology breaks down geographical barriers and allows you to match your store to the country origin, and language of your visitor? StreamStore detect the area of the world where your customer is and transform the landing page, product page and branch affiliate links to match the country of every visitor. That means you can sell to the USA in US dollars, the UK in UK pounds, France in Euros, and Japan in Yen. Plus, the items bought will be sent from the local branches. Now you are no longer limited to the 60% market share that US traffic provides and you can effortlessly tap into the other 40% of the world’s traffic and reach millions more potential buyers.

Solution Four, Beautiful and Professional Landing Pages and Stores. StreamStore allows you to build landing pages that even Apple, Nike, or Pepsi would be proud of. Create unique, authority building, attention grabbing, landing pages that attract and compel your visitors to quickly and easily search for the best offer. Choose from video, image, search capability, discount sliders and an incredible array of premium features to create the perfect landing page to entice your visitors to stay, search, and buy. Experience easye to apply web 4.0 technology like never before. The visual editor is easy to use and the included templates take all the work out of developing new sites.

Solution Five, 100% Mobile Responsive and Easy to Use on Any Platform. StreamStore technology uses simple but uniquely powerful mobile responsive designs to make sure your store looks beautiful, proffesional and easy to use on any platform and on any page. Mobile technology is rapidly becoming the number one source of internet traffic and so you should be embracing this trend today if you want to maximize your sales.

Solution Six, The 10 Second Store Builder. StreamStore allows you to create a beautiful and complete brand new store in 10 seconds. Just choose a category, subcategory, or keyword, and you’re ready to make money. With this technology you will be able to make an amazing network of Amazon stores in minutes.

Solution Seven, Viral Social Traffic 100% Free. StreamStore comes with a unique plugin that creates a “Dynamic Posts” with customizable templates that you can share directly on 6 major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Delicious). Dynamic Posts means that depending on the post your visitors click, your store will magically transform to present the products to match that post. For example: you can send a Dynamic Post about baby products at 50% discount, and when your potential customer click the post, they will see a complete store od baby products at a 50% discount. This system sends a flood of targeted, engaged visitors instantly to the most profitable part of your store with different content for every post. Meaning more customers, more time browsing products they are interested in, and money for you.

So, I make a brief, and here are the solutions provided by StreamStore:
Stop limiting the products your visitors can find on your site; Never limit yourself to just one branch of Amazon again; Allow your visitors to find exactly what they want without returning to Google; Get a responsive design and layout and stop ignoring 22,6% of internet traffic; Free viral traffic that’ll spread your store across 5 social networks at once; End the Amazon time drain that requires you to constantly update your products; Make your store unique and attractive with landing pages; Take back your time and make more money with fewer affiliate sites.

And the ease of this product…

  • Now you can pump hundreds targeted visitors to your brand new store instantly. You need to don’t rely on SEO, YouTube videos, or paid ads to have traffic and make money anymore. Smart-link technology makes your post go viral by sending visitors to the specific content and discounts they are looking for. Anytime, you just need to create a Dynamic Post and share it with the big 6 social networks. This works for any niche you are in.
  • Just take minutes to create, complete, and running your own stores network. With stream technology there is nothing that your store can be missing today. You will always have the last second Amazon update in all your stores.
  • StreamStore doesn’t place limits on what your traffic can find, so you can experience a 100% increase in earnings. Visitors to your site aren’t limited to two or three products. They can stay on your site and search for anything that is on the Amazon store, on demand. Additionally, with the search function, you don’t have to worry about traffic immediately returning to Google to find what they are looking for.
  • You can set StreamStore to automatically match your visiting traffic. StreamStore can auto detect visitor location and language and change to match visitor languange and Amazon country branch preferences. 60% of Amazon sales come from U.S.-based traffic. You’re about to unlock the profit in the other 40% of global Amazon visitors that was previously out of reach. StreamStore automatically uses one of the 8 Amazon branches that you used to have to manually select when you started your site.
  • StreamStore comes with a universal landing page that you can use to match the look and feel of a profesionally designed and developed product search engine. You will build instant authority with a landing page that tells your traffic, that your product search engine is a legitimate source of information.
  • StreamStore work flawlessly on mobile device so that you can target the largest growing platform of buyers.
  • You don’t need to complicate your business with the notoriously impossible to understand Google analytics because you have all the data you need an easy to read format right inside your StreamStore dashboard.

And the advantages of this product…
You can base your site on:

  • A Subcategory. You can decide to make a store of a big category like “baby products” or a specific subcategory like “baby bathing and skin care products”. You can make a “kindle book store” or “terror kindle book store”. There are no limits how specific your niche can be or how wide you’d like to make it to get a larger audience to your site.
  • Keywords. If you decide to make a store of Disney products, The Beatles, Football, or Neymar, all you need to do is enter the keyword and it’s done. A store full of The Beatles products, from music, dvds, games, T-Shirts. The entire store is built automatically with just one keyword, so your imagination is your only limit.
  • Discount. You can decide to make “the 80% store” and have tons of traffic looking day after day for your new deals. Just choose the discount and done.
  • Free Products. You can even create a fre kindle bookstore to display all the latest free KDP deals and leverage the 60.000+ in monthly search traffic that free kindle books provides.

Once visitors start pouring in, they will be able to find exactly what they are looking for. You’ll make more money per month compared to a traditional micro-niche Amazon affiliate site because your visitors will stay and keep looking for what they want to click on.

And you also get bonuses…
5 plugins worth $335 as an exclusive Bonus Pack

  1. WP Tube Monetizer (Value $97)
  2. WP Email Countdown (Value $47)
  3. WP Affilate Rockstar (Value $67)
  4. Rapid Traffic Secrets (Value $97)
  5. Social Quiz Plugin (Value $47)

Segment 5: Types of Purchases
This is one time payment. You click “buy it”, pay it, and the vendor instantly send you email access to download StreamStore.

Segment 6: Price & Guarantee
The vendor give you two choices: buy Starter Single Site for $28, or Entrepreneur 50 Site License only for $29,90. The difference is barely $2. Just buy it now!
About guarantee, if in the first 30 days you don’t like the software for whatever reason, the vendor will give you all your money back. Even if you use this software for 30 days, work with support team and the vendor personally, still don’t get any results, they will double your money back.

Segment 7: Upsell/Downsell Products
OTO 1 – StreamStore Complete Pack
OTO 2 – StreamStore Developer
OTO 3 – StreamStore Dynamic Posts Pro

OTO 4 – StreamStore Bundle

Segment 8: Frequently Asked Question
There is no question and answer session. Maybe they think you guys wouldn’t have a question.

Segment 9: Testimony
I don’t find it, would you guys give it as a special buyers?

If you feel it is enough to read reviews from me, please check link below:
StreamStore + Dynamic Post Plugin Powerful Amazon Software Store Builder – WordPress System To Build A Complete Amazon Store Network In Minutes And Earned $4.000 In Just A Short 30 Day

Upsell/OTO Products:
OTO 1 – StreamStore Complete Pack

OTO 2 – StreamStore Developer
OTO 3 – StreamStore Dynamic Posts Pro

OTO 4 – StreamStore Bundle

StreamStore Starter Single Site

StreamStore Entrepreneur 50 Site License

Segment 10: Pictures & Videos

StreamStore Sales Video

Unlimited Products – Simple Setup – Video Demo

Country Detect – Video Demo

Dynamic Posts Video Demo

StreamStore Earning Profits Result

StreamStore Easy Step by Step

StreamStore Attractive Landing Page & Store

If you feel it is enough to read reviews from me, please check link below:
StreamStore + Dynamic Post Plugin Powerful Amazon Software Store Builder – WordPress System To Build A Complete Amazon Store Network In Minutes And Earned $4.000 In Just A Short 30 Day

Upsell/OTO Products:
OTO 1 – StreamStore Complete Pack

OTO 2 – StreamStore Developer
OTO 3 – StreamStore Dynamic Posts Pro

OTO 4 – StreamStore Bundle

StreamStore Starter Single Site

StreamStore Entrepreneur 50 Site License