NAMS Master Series Upgrade Segmented Review – Software & Training Video That Make Simple Quiz Engine 10x More Powerful By Control Traffic, Optimized Lead Pages & Conversion, Then Maximize Profits

NAMS Master Series Upgrade Segmented Review – Software & Training Video That Make Simple Quiz Engine 10x More Powerful By Control Traffic, Optimized Lead Pages & Conversion, Then Maximize Profits

Dear my friends, entrepreneurs, bloggers, eCommerce & social media marketers, and anyone who hunting for dollar in the world of Internet Marketing. Welcome to may short and compact review, complete and uptodate.
This time I review a product named “NAMS Master Series”, with David Perdew as product vendor. You already know him. Before you get here, you’re already using one of his products: Simple Quiz Engine. Nams Master Series software is about traffic and conversion too, same like Simple Quiz Online. So, you know who the vendor and his product quality. Then I think you don’t mind reading my reviews about his new products.
Oke, then…before I start reviewing, I want let you to know that my review is divided into 10 segments. I intentionally put all the pictures and videos at the end of my review. So you can keep focusing to read my review and I promise to you that my review is easy to understand. And for the sake of completeness of the information, I need you to read it from beginning to end. Hopefully you guys satisfied.

Segment 1: Product Category
NAMS Master Series are training and software package. You get video course of how to dominating traffic, rapid list building and maximum sales conversions, also software to skyrockets your conversions & profits on any offer.

Segment 2: Product Description
NAMS Master Series with traffic, list building, and conversion bundle is the perfect complement to Simple Quiz Engine. That plugin alone is a powerful lead generator and engagement creator. The methods and tools included in this suite make Simple Quiz Engine 10x more powerful. They’ve brought in industry experts to share their best secrets, and are including one of their most popular conversion plugins to maximize your results. Hey, listen…we cannot underestimate the product that made by NAMS. NAMS (Novice to Advanced Marketing System) is David Perdew community devoted to internet marketers. It’s home to over 20,000 members and hosts 2 live workshops each year. They’re constantly developing cutting-edge training and tools that get results. Obviously, traffic, lead generation and conversions are popular topics.
Every software and training NAMS create must meet 3 criteria:
– Serve a real need in the market and be a front-line tool in their own business
– Provide the most effective techniques available, meaning they often pay top dollar for experts to host specialized training
– Be time-tested and bullet-proof, meeting the approval of our thousands of members
So, certainly there is no doubt use NAMS Master Series package with all that is promised.

Segment 3: The Reason Why The Product Were Made
David Perdew asking us with a quick question, about why do so many marketers complicate the process of profiting online. Is it just that people have forgotten the basics of selling? Become distracted by all the “gadgets” and “loopholes” that promise to make us profits by clicking a button? Simple Quiz Engine was designed to get you back to the basics by asking customers what they want, then delivering what they need. And as powerful as it is, David Perdew and team realize there’s more to building an online business than asking questions.
The fact is, online marketing success comes from 3 things: traffic, leads and conversions. I don’t need to tell you how important traffic is. It’s the lifeblood of any business. But it shouldn’t be rocket science to drive traffic. Lead generation is a critical part of any business. From local companies to massive online corporations and everything in between. Fresh leads are the 1st step to getting new buyers. Building our list doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s actually really simple when us apply just a few key tricks. Finally we have conversions. When we consistently convert traffic and leads into sales, we win. But if our conversions suck, all our traffic and lead generation efforts are a waste of time and money. That’s it! The 3 elements of successful online marketing: traffic, leads and conversions. And they all work together.
Increase your effectiveness in any one of these areas, you get better results. Improve all 3 factors above, and we’re on the way to: 100% passive income. When we control traffic, we can drive it to multiple funnels at the same time. When our lead pages are optimized, you effortlessly build your lists. And when our email marketing and conversion methods work, we maximize profits at every phase of the selling process. There are thousands of separate courses on traffic, list building, email marketing and conversions. But all these elements go together – in fact it’s impossible to think about one without the others. Which is why David Perdew has brought them all together into a complete package. Finally we’ll have everything we need to maximize online profits under one roof. That is NAMS Master Series.

Segment 4: What ‘s Inside & What You Get
Watch over their shoulder as they show you how to apply different types of marketing funnels and strategies in your business. Keep in mind, this is just an overview of the key points, there are many more secrets inside, but they don’t want to let the entire cat out of the bag.
Traffic Mastery: All the traffic you’ll ever need (free & paid), Value: $147
Join renowned traffic specialist NAMS instructor Ross Goldberg in a dynamic 2-part video series…

  • Astounding traffic discoveries made over years of online marketing – what works and what doesn’t
  • Actionable tips for driving traffic and maximizing results with the right kind of content
  • How to find where your traffic is hanging out right now
  • Exploiting your competitor’s weaknesses and research to drive targeted visitors
  • Using keywords to personally connect with your best audience, and separate tire-kickers from buyers
  • Why warm traffic is your best friend, and how to get it
  • Exactly where to get tons of traffic for free
  • Ins and outs of paid traffic and why you should use it, even when you’re getting free visitors

Email Marketing Mastery: How to Get The Most Conversions And Profits From Every Subscriber, Value: $97
Maximize short and long term profits from your list with this step-by-step video training from expert email marketer Terry Dean…

  • How to grow your list faster with your confirmation email
  • Use email to understand your audience better and make more sales
  • Master the art of storytelling so your subscribers can’t wait to get your next email
  • Stand out in the inbox so competition doesn’t even matter
  • How to get a week’s worth of profit-pulling emails written in one hour

It uncover conversion secrets specifically designed to maximize profits from your lists.

Also you get the following priceless resources like…

  • Downloadable MP3 audios of video content
  • Downloadable copy of mindmap used in the training (both Word and HTML versions)
  • Special Report: How To Use AWSTATS In Your cPanel To Uncover Hidden Keywords And Other Traffic Metrics
  • 5 Page Cheat Sheet To Writing Incredible Emails: 7 steps to creating effective emails, Storytelling brainstorming guide, 5 methods for writing subject lines, 10 winning sentence starters
  • Q&A Template: fill-in-the-blank system to quickly create compelling emails that convert special report: Top 10 Tips For Making Email Offers

And you still get bonuses…
Bonus #1 – Conversion Secrets (Value: $67)
Discover exactly how to convert more prospects into buyers in this 3 module training:

  1. Landing Page Secrets – convert more prospects into leads to build your list fast
  2. Bonus Secrets – skyrocket conversions with bonuses by following these critical tips
  3. Closing Secrets – how to create “the perfect close” that gets prospects to commit

Plus you’ll be able to maximize profits with the priceless secrets in the following special reports:

  1. Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion – how to master conversions and skyrocket ROI
  2. Terry Dean’s Golden Glove Process – 5 keys to knock out offers that maximize sales every time

Bonus #2 – NAMS Countdown Timer (Value: $17)
Increase sales in minutes with this powerful conversion software. Countdown timers provide real time scarcity which is proven to increase conversions. Scarcity marketing is used every day by top companies, for very good reason – it connects with prospects on an emotional level. These emotional triggers are proven to maximize conversions. With the vendor’s custom-designed countdown timer, we can leverage scarcity marketing to skyrocket conversions on our offers.

  1. 30 different styles of timers included, all fully customisable
  2. compatible with multiple 3rd party page builders
  3. unlimited use on any single website you own

Whatever you’re promoting, the NAMS Master Series “Simple Countdown Creator” can increase our conversions. Just some applications include:

  • “Daily Deals” On Your Website – just like Groupon and other MASSIVE discount companies use to drive sales
  • “Flash Sales” – offer major discounts only available for a limited time
  • eCommerce – timers are perfect for time-sensitive discounts proven to massively boost sales
  • Pre-Orders and Pre-Sales: get customers in advance with limited-time discounts for when your products go live!
  • Product Launches – create buzz for new products by offering time-sensitive discounts
  • IP-Based Offers – send visitors to limited offers based on their IP address to create real-time scarcity!
  • This is my quick recap of what’s included in NAMS Master Series:
  • 2 Part Traffic Mastery Video Course Led By Ross Goldberg with all resources
  • 2 Part Email Marketing Mastery Video Course Led By Terry Dean with all resources
  • Downloadable audios of all video content
  • Special reports and Fill-In-The-Blank-Templates
  • Complete, 4-Module Conversion Secrets Training
  • Exclusive NAMS Countdown Timer Software

The combined value of these powerful tools is $328. That’s the already discounted price existing NAMS members pay to buy them separately. But for valued Simple Quiz Engine customers, the vendor are slashing the bundle price even lower. Because traffic, lead generation & conversions are critical to our business. And this package works perfectly with Simple Quiz Engine. Right now we can get everything for just a single payment of $147.

Segment 5: Types of Purchases
Secure your access to get NAMS Master Series with one time payment.

Segment 6: Price & Guarantee
Buy this training and software for only $147, and get results.
About guarantee, the NAMS Master Series give 100% unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Take the training and software for a spin for 30 days on our dime. See how easy it is to drive traffic to any offer you like with the proven methods included. Watch your list grow even faster with the included lead generation hacks. Maximize profits from your email marketing. Use the included timer software to increase conversions to your offers. Leverage the proven conversion strategies to increase your ROI, or your money back. That simple. You’ve got 30 full days to exploit every tool in this package for your personal gain. The vendor are so confident you’ll see incredible results, they’ll take on all the risk. If you have a technical question about the software, or a general question about the training, their support desk is just a click away. And they’ll work swiftly to get you up and running fast. But in the highly unlikely event you’re just not satisfied after implementing the training and software, let they know. They’re not happy unless you are. And will refund your purchase with no questions asked. What could be fairer than that?

Segment 7: The Following Products
Get NAMS ToolKit after you buy NAMS Master Series.

Segment 8: Frequently Asked Questions
Well, they do not provide a question and answer session here. Buy NAMS Master Series, then ask the vendor by email.

Segment 9: Testimony
There is no one that gives testimony here. Will you be the first?

If you feel it is enough to read reviews from me, please check link below:
NAMS Master Series Segmented Review – Software & Training Video That Make Simple Quiz Engine 10x More Powerful By Control Traffic, Optimized Lead Pages & Conversion, Then Maximize Profits

Upsell/OTO product:
OTO 1 – NAMS ToolKit

Segment 10: Pictures & Videos

NAMS Master Series Sales Video

NAMS Master Series – The 3 elements of successful online marketing

Buy NAMS Master Series now, then steal the best free and paid traffic secrets from one of the world’s top traffic experts. Build your list faster than ever with simple tweaks to your leadpages and intro email messages. Make more sales with every email thanks to specific tips from a leading email marketing authority. And don’t forget, inside NAMS Master Series has included software skyrockets conversions & profits on any offer.

You’ll never see this offer again. At NAMS, they don’t make a habit of discounting our training or software. But as a valued Simple Quiz Engine member, they’re making an exception to get you the results you need, but only if you act now. The fastest path to results with Simple Quiz Engine is with optimized traffic, lead generation and conversion strategies. When you combine these methods with the software you already have, you’ll be able to achieve rapid results and reach your goals even faster.
There are 3 keys to online success – can’t argue that: traffic, leads, conversions. Everything you need to maximize all 3 is waiting inside. Two important reasons to act now. So what are you waiting for? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and only more profits to gain. Hit the button below to secure your access at this special discount while you can!

If you feel it is enough to read reviews from me, please check link below:
NAMS Master Series Segmented Review – Software & Training Video That Make Simple Quiz Engine 10x More Powerful By Control Traffic, Optimized Lead Pages & Conversion, Then Maximize Profits

Upsell/OTO product:
OTO 1 – NAMS ToolKit