GIPHplayer Total New & Hot Review – Massively Increasing Viral Traffic, Prospect Reach, And Sales Conversion

GIPHplayer is All About How You Can Leverage GIFs To Get More Traffic, Leads and Sales! Simply by Copying and Pasting one line of code!

When I hear the word GIFs, I imagine a moving image roughly. But in line with advances in technology, GIFs files was more subtle moves. Since invented by Steve Wilhite 30 years ago, its use continues to spread in the world. I’m very confident that there is no websites are not taking GIFs to pull the attention of visitors.

I can not imagine when GIFs undiscovered. Millions of websites that certainly appear dull. We can only open the site with text and images could not move. Read the article would be boring activity. Arrangement of letters on the laptop screen definitely makes me sleepy. And of course, your mission to capture dollars from the Internet must have thinned 😉

By the way, already heard of a software, player precisely. The inventor naming GIPHplayer?
They also give the product title: WORLD’S FIRST GIF PLAYER & MARKETING PLATFORM.

You may not agree this time. But soon changed your opinion after reading my review about GIPHplayer.


So, let’s begin…

For you who used to “play” with gifs, or new interested to use these items when making money on the internet, let me say that GIPHplayer allows to massively increase viral traffic, prospect reach, and sales conversion, simply by copying and pasting one line of code onto your favorite website.

Also, you’ll be allowed for liking, sharing, and even GIF animation autostop.

And I think they made sure that GIPHplayer works for blogs, websites, and ecommerce stores flawlessly.

Honestly, I could not regret having tried GIPHplayer that allows me—and you—to leverage the power of animated GIFs onto any website, blog or eCommerce store.

Oh, they have a motto for this hot stuff to be remembered by Marketers, Entrepreneurs & Communicators who trust GIPHplayer: CAPTIVATE, ENGAGE, CONVERT

Well… I think it’s supposed to 😀

So, after trying and observe, the main value in this product, I think there are three:

SKYROCKET GIFs IMPACT >> Allows avoiding “choking GIFs” effect by displaying a custom image thumbnail while the GIF file is still loading. Shows a perfect animation only after browser finishes GIF download.

ENABLE GIFs SOCIAL SHARE >> Enables every visitor who watches a GIFs animation on your website to potentially virally spread your GIFs to all friends on facebook and other social networks.

BOOST CONVERSION >> Allows GIFs timed animation autostop on your web site or ecommerce store to prevent distracting visitors who are ready to engage and convert, after already seeing enough of animation.

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Let us discuss further as an Internet Marketer expert. Currently, like most marketers, you are probably facing problems, which are costing you lost traffic, leads, reach, and sales.

I’m sure this part may be a result from you not using any GIF player. And instead just adding GIF files to your web page directly.

I want to ask. Did you know that GIFs added directly to your website are animated in loop endlessly by web browser?

Also, did you know that using GIF player is the only way to control GIFs viewing experience and directly leverage social network of every visitor who watches GIFs animation on your website?

Because the good news is GIPHplayer enables every visitor who watches a GIFs animation on your website, to potentially virally spread your GIFs to all friends on facebook and other social networks. Great, isn’t it?
GIPHplayer Turns GIFs Into Viral Traffic Machine.

Next, while GIFs give you amazing opportunity for viral traffic on social media and they are massive click booster for email, the endlessly looping GIFs on your website, blog or ecommerce store may actually hurt engagement and conversion, if it is not stopped after some time. Hmm…

And you see, people really enjoy to watch a few loops of GIFs and share them, but then looping forever animation may become distraction for people who try to focus on reading your web page content or buying ecommerce product. That’s bad.

Lucky, GIPHplayer solves that endless GIF looping problem by giving you the option to set the animation autostop after some time and even giving the viewer the ability to resume and pause loop as well.

For you, in other words, it allows us to use the full power of GIFs on your web site or ecommerce store without the drawback of potentially distracting visitors who are ready to engage and convert after already seeing enough of animation. I call this GIPHplayer Skyrocket Conversion!

Because the buyer is king, GIPHplayer Gives You Full Control, and customize the look and feel of visitor’s GIF viewing and interaction experience on your website.

You, my King, can choose delayed animation start, easily set GIF to autostop after set time, allow the user to start and stop GIF playback, select the player’s skin, and take advantage of the social sharing feature.

GIPHplayer even allows you to add paused animated GIFs to the website, which is super important in case you have several animated GIFs on the same page, which prevents the viewer’s experience nightmare with all GIFs animating at the same time.

You can also easily set custom height and width of your GIFs or set them to display in full responsive mode, so they automatically look great on any device. Whoa!

And it’s up to you to disable controls if you want to fully control what the user can see and when they can see that.

I ask you again. Did you know that GIF animation starts showing progressively during GIF file loading? The answer is “Yes”. Web browser does not wait for full GIF file to load before displaying animations frames.

Because of that, this is the very reason behind animation choking during first GIF loop, which affects large percentage of people on slower and even on average internet connection for bigger GIFs.

In fact, GIPHplayer gave the solution to solve that problem. GIPHplayer can start GIF animation after browser finishes GIF file download, and it even allows you to set custom image thumbnail visible while the GIF file is loading.

Why not unthinkable that bad first impression is one of the main reasons why visitors leave your website. Giphplayer Makes Your Visitors GIF Viewing Experience Awesome!

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If not satisfied, Checkout GIPHplayer Demo below:

For you are playing with a lot of websites, GIPHplayer allows you to play GIFs from other websites, your own website or from cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3.

And do not forget to make your GIFs look awesomer because GIPHplayer allows you to use custom player frames.

This is so attractive when frame tailored to GIF content can dramatically boost emotional response to the GIF which can lead to significant increase in engagement and shares.

Incredible frame not only makes your webpage look more professional and awesome, but it is a fantastic way to focus your viewer’s attention on the GIF to skyrocket viral sharing potential.

Hey, this guide for newbie (is that you?) to using GIPHplayer:




Select display options


Copy/paste one line of code to your website

This product was so good, so I want to repeat the advantages and add if necessary.

GIPHplayer Accompanying Advanced Features Premium

Is has amazing premium features, which pro marketers use to boost viral traffic, lead generation, conversion, and sales even further. These features include advanced social sharing options, timed content below a video, timed clickable call to action, watermark and custom GIF thumbnail. GIPHplayer social sharing options allow viewers to share your GIFs on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkendIn, and Google+.

GIPHplayer Gives Timed Action Conversion Boosters

Watch carefully! The timed content placed below a GIF allows you to show any content under the GIFs at the specific time. This can be used to add buy button, link, or any additional information which can appear below a GIF at the right time. GIPHplayer allows to add clickable call to action images to increase sales, boost opt-ins, and send viewers to any affiliate promotion. It is very powerful conversion booster for any kind of GIF.

Brands Your GIFs In The Cloud

Hopefully this is not a new thing that you hear. One of the most important business goals is establishing a brand, which is what sets you apart from others. With GIPHplayer you can instantly boost your personal or business brand with a custom watermark that sits over the GIF during playback.

Keep in your mind that GIPHplayer is a cloud based service so there is nothing to install or configure. All you have to do is to copy paste a single line of code to your website where you want the GIF to show, and you are done.

Works With Websites, Blogs, Ecommerce Stores And Website Builders

As I said before, the software is super easy to use and there is no any technical knowledge required. You can use GIPHplayer on any website, blog, ecommerce store, and it also works with almost every existing web site builder software there is.

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They are smart for using GIPHplayer



Do I have to install GIPHplayer on my computer?

No, GIPHplayer is web/cloud software. So you do not need to install anything on your computer.

Do you have money back guarantee?

Yes, we do have 30-day no-question-asked money back guarantee. Just drop us a note and we will refund your purchase in full.

Does GIPHplayer work for WordPress?

Yes, it does.

Does GIPHplayer work for Web Builder software?

Yes, GIPHplayer works with almost all Web Build software which allows you to add custom javascript code.

Does GIPHplayer work with ecomm stores like Shopify and others?

Yes, GIPHplayer works with almost all ecomm stores software which allows you to add custom javascript code.

Which services can I use to host my GIF files?

You can host your GIF files on Giphy, Imgur, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, almost any cloud service and your own web host.

Is there a monthly fee to use GIPHplayer?

Currently, GIPHplayer membership is being offered with a one off payment. We plan to switch to a recurring membership model in future, when new customers will pay a monthly fee for software use. BUT anyone that orders now is grandfathered so you will never be billed again.

I am Done!