Affiliate Blogging Ninja Newest Update Review – Get The Ninja Secret Strategy To Make $1.000 in 30 Days

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Make Consistent Part-Time Income From Home, Very Profitable Blogging System That Can Work For Lazy

I first heard of Affiliate Blogging Ninja a few days ago when a marketer sent me an email claiming how good it was. Naturally I had to go and check it out. See what all the fuss was about. I handed over my $9.97 for the front end product and began my training. Affiliate Blogging Ninja product is trustworthy and experienced in the Internet Marketing; it means that there is no need hesitation to have the product we recommend you. This product is very advantageous. As long as life goes on, many Internet Marketers from other countries also used and certified the profits of this product.

After going through the entire front end product I have come to a verdict, which I will now share in my honest review of Affiliate Blogging Ninja by Shreya Banerjee.

Ninja Affiliate is a tool to create, manage and track affiliate links on your blog. It uses a very simple interface where you can paste in the raw affiliate link to create a redirect that looks however you want it to look. You too can build a reliable online business, right from your spare bedroom by simply repeating this simple SALES PROCESS over and over again!

It also spits out data on clicks on the affiliates links you create

One really powerful additional feature is to automatically convert certain words into affiliate links.

For example I can make the specific word turn into my affiliate link for the AffiliateBloggingNinjaSuperReview, or even redirect to my review. This means I don’t have to manually make the word a link each time I write it in a blog article.
It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie and don’t know anything about blogs or affiliate marketing.

What’s even better is once you install and activate the plugin, it will retroactively apply affiliate links to keywords on your old blog posts if you want it to. All your past blog content can suddenly start making you money. That’s pretty powerful, especially if you didn’t have your affiliate game together when you started your blog and haven’t got the energy to go back and manually add links.

  • This is NOT eCom or Amazon selling.
  • No physical goods, or shipping hassles.
  • No SEO, or client headaches to deal with.
  • This is not MLM or spamming people.

What You Can Learn:

Of the 27 videos, 13 of them are about setting up a blog. So Shreya Banerjee has done a good job at getting you started. Setting up a blog is a hurdle many people face, but in reality anyone can get a blog up in mere minutes.

After setting up the blog, you will then learn how to find products to promote via Clickbank and JVZoo. Nothing new here, we have all seen this 100 times. If you are not in the internet marketing niche then you will have to learn how to find affiliate programs yourself.

From there Shreya shows how she writes 4 posts (articles) per month for her blog. She buys PLR content and rewrites it into her own words. Again nothing new if you have experience under your belt.

Then you will briefly be shown 3 free traffic methods to get people to visit your site. Forums, Facebook and Youtube. Again, nothing new. Her example of Forum answering may be good for newbies to see. All to often, new marketers forget about offering value, not just dumping your affiliate link online. So Shreya does well to show you a good answer in Forums.

The training on Facebook and Youtube were very thin if you ask me. There are standalone course just in these 2 fields, yet Shreya has just a couple minutes on each method. Don’t expect too much if you are a complete beginner. If you don’t know how to optimize a YouTube video for SEO purposes then you will have to do further research.

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Videos List

Make it Easier You Read:

After Join the Member, You Will Learn of:

  1. Which blogging platform should you use
  2. How to get the right domain name
  3. How to install your blog
  4. How to add advanced features to your blog
  5. Which plugins to use and how to install them
  6. How to create content that people will want to read
  7. How to generate catchy headlines
  8. How to drive traffic to your blog
  9. How to monetize your blog
  10. How to smartly add affiliate links to your blog posts
  11. What other important pages you should have on your blog
  12. The best tools for bloggers and webmasters you should not be without
  13. How to integrate your autoresponder to your blog to start building a list
  14. How to ensure a steady and consistent stream of new posts with only 2 hours of work a month

My Advice:
This is not a free plugin (I’ve got a discount deal for you if you are quick – see below), but it’s not that expensive and you can easily recoup the cost with just one or two affiliate sales as a result of using it.

In my mind it’s a no-brainer to use this plugin if you are an affiliate marketer selling anything using affiliate links on your blog.

It’s not a complex plugin. It doesn’t do a lot, but what it does is powerful and makes my life easier.

Installation is two minutes. Like most plugins you just upload and activate, there’s very little to configure, you start making links and away you go.

There’s a few handy settings you can play with if you want to to control certain things, including cloaking links, it shows you referring pages links were clicked on (this is pretty cool – it displays what pages on your blog generate the most clicks), links can be made nofollow, and all kinds of other cool stuff.