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Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller OTO 1 Review – Join Membership And Get 100 New Video Slides + 40 New Tested-Proven Slides Each And Every Month That Are Guaranteed To Engage Your Audience With Marketing Teaser Videos; Smart Device Pack; Slide Builder 1.0

Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller OTO 1 Review – Join Membership And Get 100 New Video Slides + 40 New Tested-Proven Slides Each And Every Month That Are Guaranteed To Engage Your Audience With Marketing Teaser Videos; Smart Device Pack; Slide Builder 1.0

I think I’m already getting tired of using slides of text and images. Product advertisements that I install less attention. My prospective customers are tired of seeing the usual mediocre ads. I almost gave up until I finally see Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller. And I feel ashamed of admitting that the slide show can be a video, not just text and pictures do not move. Damn!
Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller, the ultimate set of already tested–for you, for me– plug in and profit template packs. Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller gave me advantages like 100 ready-to-use video slides; 40 new slides each month; tested styles and proven to convert; plug in, publish, and profit; save even more time testing.
I know exactly, why I just purchased Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller. It’s because what works is changing all the time. And if I don’t adapt to what’s changing, I will watch video engagement and conversion rates fall through the floor. Fact: 6 months ago, I could get away with boring slideshow videos. Today? Not going to happen. Now, I am about to take the Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller challenge and watch my conversion rate soar thanks to smart elements, engaging animations, and proven video templates.
Josh Rotta as the vendor have already packed Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller with over 50 ready-to-use templates. Now, he is going to give me and you access to 100 more slides and 40 additional slides each and every month.

Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller

We are about to discover the easiest way to turn a 3% conversion rate into a 15% conversion rate. I’m going to be completely honest with you. The templates that come with Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller (plus the 50 additional slides you’ll receive on this page) will help your videos convert like crazy. They will work, right now. It’s guaranteed. But next month? After 10,000 marketers just like you are using Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller? I can’t guarantee they are still going to work. That’s why Josh Rotta created the Vidgeos Premium Templates Club.
Every month, Josh Rotta will send you 40 new slides. If you act today (join Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller membership), you will get 100 additional high-converting slides to use right away built for Vidgeos and ready to send your conversions skyrocketing. Plus you will also receive 40 new slides each and every month for just $27 per month. With the 40 slides you receive as part of your monthly membership fee…
– You can take advantage of the countless proven-to-convert template styles they’ve tested, tewaked, and re-tweaked so you only get the best marketing templates delivered directly into your Vidgeos account.
– You will always be ahead of the game using known to convert slides that work with practically every single niche available. You’re never going to fall behind the ball again and end up with a boring video.
– You will get access to the same slide templates styles Josh Rotta trust with his top launches. Until now, he has never done this before, and this will give you the edge making it easier for you to use and profit from.
– And the vendor guarantee you will save even more time figuring out what works and what doesn’t work, because Josh Rotta has already created the high-converting slides you are about to receive right inside your Vidgeos account.

Marketing Teaser Videos

Teaser Style VIDGEOS

You want to get thousands of people gearing ready to buy your product before you even launch? Then you need a teaser video. This is what Josh Rotta use to do over $400,000 in the first day of launching one of his previous products. He provide you with the latest designs & templates ready to sell your products.

Smart Devices Pack

Smart Devices

Want to professionalise your videos to the max? Then you need this pack of animated Apple devices to add smart elements onto as well as just add a touch of class to your video production.

Slide Builder 1.0

Pro Slides Compilation

Instantly select the slide you want and add it to your canvas to fully customise it to your hearts content. These are beautifully designed slides with the most modern designs and styles.

Before you access your vidgeos account, let me show you the easiest way to guarantee your videos convert like crazy

Vidgeos OTO1 Video Final

Take a full 30 day risk free look…
Not sure if you need additional slides for your videos? No problem. Take a risk free look at the 100 additional slides included in this one-time-only offer thanks to a 100% money back guarantee. Josh Rotta has poured countless hours into designing and tweaking the slides included in the Vidgeos template add-on pack. He know his work. And now you have risk free chance to prove his work with your offers too. Don’t wait to order. You will never see this limited time pricing again.
Get 100 high converting ready-to-use slides right now and 40 new tested and proven slides delivered every month.

Check Here:
Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Topseller OTO 1 – Join Membership And Get 100 New Video Slides + 40 New Tested-Proven Slides Each And Every Month That Are Guaranteed To Engage Your Audience With Marketing Teaser Videos; Smart Device Pack; Slide Builder 1.0

Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2 Review – Boost 30-40% More Sales With The Same Traffic And 8 Mega Bonuses By Yu Shaun & Cally Lee

Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2 Review – Boost 30-40% More Sales With The Same Traffic And 8 Mega Bonuses By Yu Shaun & Cally Lee

Hi there. Good day, happy internet marketers… Welcome to my update review about upsell product Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + MEGA Bonuses OTO 2. You can get here because you’ve tried the previous product quality: Success Ritual PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR OTO 1. And I’m sure you feel satisfied then came back to find the new again from Yu Shaun & Cally Lee as the vendor. I want to thank you for joining Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + MEGA Bonuses OTO 2. You have made a very wise challenging and in a moment you will have full access to your products.
I must say congratulations you meet me again, and for you who have just made one of the best decision to invest in your latest Private Label Rights package. I want to personally commend you because you are one of the very few who DO, compared to many who talk. Success Rituals is the latest Self-Help Masterpiece and Yu Shaun/Cally Lee are confident that you and your customers are going to love it. Also you’ve just skipped weeks or even months of hard work and saved thousands of dollars from this tiny little investment. All you need to do is make one sale – and you’ve covered your investment.
Any sales after that is 100% pure profit. But before you go, I want to see if you’re interested in this special one time offer. This Secret Page is not open to the Public – you’re seeing this only because you are a new customer, and you only got one shot at this, and if you pass this up, you won’t get to see this offer again.

Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2

This Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2 is the Video Version of Success Rituals system – with a grand total of 10 Video Modules of each chapters. And video is one of the most impactful ways to speak to an audience.
Why? Because while reading is all about thinking, video is better at getting us to feel. When we watch a video, we become immersed in it and create an empathetic connection with the screen. If you want your visitors to fall in love with your content, it makes sense to deliver it through video. That’s because it’s much easier for us to become emotionally attached to something we watch in a video than something we read in an article. From a business perspective, videos tend to outsell ebook 3-1.
So if you are targeting big ticket – go for the video version!

Why do I push you to choose this Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2? Below are the reasons…
1. Boost Sales
Use the videos in many ways such as upsell, bonuses, and membership sites to increase profits tenfold.

2. Increase Value
This Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2 increase the value of your existing product immensely. More value = more profits.

3. More Engagement
Tap into the emotions of your audiences and make them relate to your offer. In fact, videos engage your customers 5 times more than texts.

4. Save Time and Money
Shave off 142 hours with just a fraction of the price from product creation. Not to mention, you also save yourself from truck loads of headaches as well.

That is why the vendor have prepared this Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2 for you, so that you can have this unfair advantage and join the Internet Marketing Giants. The vendor have put together the best materials and only hired the best to produce this ultimate package. This Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + MEGA Bonuses OTO 2 is aimed to specifically to generate you massive leads with value-driven content and boost sales with professional sales pages and video sales letter. So if you pass this up, you are leaving tons of cash on the table.
What’s included in Success Ritual Pro Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2?
Module 1: High-Quality Videos Upgrade
This is it! The main course of the Success Ritual Pro Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2 – 10 High-Quality Videos of Eating Healthy. Here’s how this upgrade will benefit you…
– Skyrocket your profits more than 40% hands down – simply by offering these videos as an upgrade or upsell when people buy the main product.
– Save hours of frustration from recording these videos on your own.
– The vendor have hired the best fit to voice over the entire video series, and they guarantee you that you will love it (you can check out the sample later).
– Videos are in MP4 format – 1920×1080 HD resolution (I don’t tolerate crappy videos).
– Not a bunch of generic outsourced video course from someone oblivious of the subject.
– First Class quality in videos and audios – You and your customers will love them.

Video is a great deal when it comes to delivering immense value. If you’re not going to offer them this, your customers will still get them from someone else. So, why not buy from you?
Video 1: Introduction
Duration: 2:00 min
Video 2: Success Rituals Fundamentals
Duration: 6:14 min
Video 3: Rituals of Highly Success Individuals (PART 1)
Duration: 6:36 min
Video 4: Rituals of Highly Success Individuals (PART 2)
Duration: 13:11 min
Video 5: Empowering & Disempowering Rituals
Duration: 6:52 min
Video 6: Building Your Own Success Rituals
Duration: 4:05 min
Video 7: 6 Core Success Rituals
Duration: 5:58 min
Video 8: Morning Success Rituals
Duration: 3:48 min
Video 9: Evening Success Rituals
Duration: 7:32 min
Video 10: Conclusion
Duration: 4:16 min
All above videos Comes with full Private Label Rights.

This Videos-Monetizing Hacks is for you:

  • Re-sell all the videos and keep 100% Profits
  • Upload the videos in your membership site, you can even charge a fee for it and get monthly income
  • Use the videos as Upsell for your existing products for more profits
  • Use the videos as bonuses to add more value to your existing product and to boost sales
  • Offer the videos as free gifts for your subscribers

Take a look at this 3-minutes sample video:

Module 2: High-Converting Upsell Page
As mentioned before, offering the 10 videos as upgrade can skyrocket your profits like crazy. But creating an upsell page takes time and effort. But now, we’re going to smash that problem away

  • We’ve done everything for you – A Ready-Made, high converting Upsell Page all set, waiting for you to simply plug in, add your ‘Buy Now’ button and profit
  • This can be your final piece of your sales funnel
  • Not satisfied with the content? Simply edit, add more value to it, or do whatever you wish that suits you
  • Think about it. Creating a upsell page from scratch, or simply edit a ready-made one – your choice
  • Comes with source HTML S\salesletter and thank you page.

Module 3: Professional Video Sales Letter
They take their words seriously, video marketing is King, but to create one requires a lot of creativity, time, and effort. So, we’ve done it for you as well. Video that will spellbound the audience and highly-focused on closing sales – This is the ultimate goal that comes to mind when they’re creating the Video Sales Letter for the upsell page.
Take a quick look at the sample below and see for yourself. MP4 Video format, transcript and audios included.

Module 4: Professional Slides To All Videos
On top of the 10 Videos of the PRO Upgrade above, we’re also going to hand you the original professional slides used in all the videos so you can edit it however you wish. You can even re-sell them for more profits.
All slides are editable in:
– Microsoft Office PowerPoint
– Keynote for Mac

Module 5: Complete Video Transcripts
You get the videos and the slides, so how can the vendor leave you hanging by not giving you the complete word-for-word transcripts of all the videos? This will give you maximum customization ability to fully re-create the videos.

Module 6: Mp3 Audio Files
As a finishing touch for the PRO Upgrade, you also get all the audio files for the videos. Here are some monetizing hacks for these MP3 files.

  1. Use it for your podcasts
  2. Re-sell it for extra profits
  3. Edit them, add in your intro and outtro and brand them as yours
  4. Sell them as AudioBooks
  5. Upload them in your membership site to add more value

Module 7: Exclusive PLR To PRO Upgrade
Of course we’re giving you full exclusive Private Label Rights license to all the modules above so you can get the most out of your investment. Here are the things you can do with this PLR:

  • Private Label Rights included to all modules
  • Package may be resold. Suggested resell price: $17.00
  • Videos may be provided for free to subscribers for viewing purposes only
  • Videos may be resold
  • You may rebrand/edit the contents
  • You may watermark the videos
  • You may translate the contents
  • May be added with RR/MRR to a paid membership site
  • Can be added as a bonus to a paid product
  • Can sell standalone/personal use rights
  • Can sell resell rights
  • Can sell master resell rights

To protect the value of this Premium Package, you cannot re-sell Private Label Rights, entire package cannot be given away for free, and entire package cannot be added to a free membership site.

Check Here:
Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2 – Boost 30-40% More Sales With The Same Traffic And 8 Mega Bonuses By Yu Shaun & Cally Lee

Front End – Success Rituals PLR
OTO 1 – Success Rituals Pro Upgrade Powerful PLR

Act now and you also get these Mega Bonuses:
Mega Bonus #1
Change Your Life // In this report you will learn: spiritual, mental and physical self development, the link between depression and self development, how to refine your relationships and so much more.

Mega Bonus #2
Keeping The Motivation // This powerful ebook will provide you with everything you need to know to be a success and achieve your goal of getting your motivation to a successful place. In this book you will learn: motivation basics, concentrate on one goal, find inspiration, get exited and so much more.

Mega Bonus #3
The Power Of Positive Thinking // Inside this ebook you will learning: how to change your life by changing your thought, learn change your life script with start changing your thought, how to detect what wrong belief inside you, and much more.

Mega Bonus #4
Way To Success // Here’s what you’ll discover in this guide: defining success on your own terms, how to accept failures and take them as lessons, how to avoid being burned out and so much more.

Mega Bonus #5
Self Improvement And Motivation For Success // Overcome office and familial stress and improve the quality of your life. Are you underconfident and shy? Infuse positively and experience miraculous chenge of circumstances with life coaching sessions. This ebook has all the answers.

Mega Bonus #6
Video Marketing Graphics Pack // Incredible collection of powerpoint templates, logo stings, backgrounds, video player skins, watch this video signs and thumbnail. Mesmerize your visitors and audience with captivating graphics. Video marketing will be right under your fingertip.

Mega Bonus #7
Self Starters // From this report you will: find out how you can build a profitable empire catering to local businesses who need your help, find out exactly what to offer potential clients that will make you more money with little work involved and so much more.

Mega Bonus #8
Success Habits Video Upsell Pack // 10 Exclusive, step by step video tutorials that will show you the tools, techniques, and the vendor top tips to finally succeed and get results!

Wait a minute, how much for all of these? Well, considering all the time and effort we put it to get this video done, they could really charge more. Only from the outsourcing alone can cost you hundreds or perhaps thousands.
Yu Shaun & Cally Lee have also clocked in the total time and cost to produce this Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2:
$600 for the writers
$300 for voice over talents
$1000 for design and copywriter costs
TOTAL: 142 Hours + $1900
And they’re not even trying to exaggerate it. If you’ve ever tried to create a product yourself from scratch, then you know how much work and time involved to produce a premium product. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay anywhere near that to get your hands on this pro upgrade.

Let’s recap everything you’re getting:

  1. Module 1: High-Quality Videos Upgrade [VALUE: $1000]
  2. Module 2: High-Converting Upsell Page [VALUE: $750]
  3. Module 3: Professional Video Sales Letter [VALUE: $450]
  4. Module 4: Professional Slides To All Videos [VALUE: $350]
  5. Module 5: Complete Video Transcripts [VALUE: $450]
  6. Module 6: Mp3 Audio Files [VALUE: $500]
  7. Module 7: Exclusive PLR To PRO Upgrade [VALUE: PRICELESS]
  8. MEGA BONUS #1: Courage Crusher [VALUE: $167]
  9. MEGA BONUS #2: Emotions For Success [VALUE: $157]
  10. MEGA BONUS #3: Goal Getting Success Guide [VALUE: $147]
  11. MEGA BONUS #4: Mindset Transformation [VALUE: $127]
  12. MEGA BONUS #5: Secrets To Achieving Goals [VALUE: $137]
  13. MEGA BONUS #6: Video Marketing Graphics Pack [VALUE: $197]
  14. MEGA BONUS #7: Goal Setting Video Upgrade [VALUE: $177]
  15. MEGA BONUS #8: Wired For Success Video Upgrade [VALUE: $197]

TOTAL VALUE: $4,799+

In this exclusive one time offer, you can get instant access to everything for just $37! Again… your purchase of this Success Rituals PRO Upgrade Powerful PLR + Mega Bonuses OTO 2 is also backed by 100% Rock Solid Guarantee for the next 30 days.
So you don’t have anything to lose but so much to win! This offer is not made available to the public. And only you, who made the wise decision to take that very first step are able to see this secret page. And the vendor intend to keep this opportunity limited only to you and others who had done the same.
It’s Yu Shaun & Cally Lee token of gratitude for choosing me, and I think you deserve to be treated exclusively. That said you get to see this offer only once. If you click away or close this page you will never get to see this again.
So there you have it. Act now and click the button below…

Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole Review – Online Business Course To Start Your Own Profitable eCommerce Using Turnkey Amazon + Shopify System Based On Success Stories, Get A Room With 250 Billion Dollar Online Sales

Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole Review – Online Business Course To Start Your Own Profitable eCommerce Using Turnkey Amazon + Shopify System Based On Success Stories, Get A Room With 250 Billion Dollar Online Sales

Hello, friend. How are sales today? Still undergoing the difficult days? You have goods to sell? There is no capital to start selling? Well, your fate is currently same with me until last week. I have story that might give you new hope. But before I start tell you a story, I have to ask you first.
Let me ask you this, guys… do you want your products to be selling like hot cakes, but you don’t have a product yet? And you don’t know how to start? Do you want to make up to $47,812 Per Month with no capital and no investments? Without programming or selling skills? No problem. This course and the success tools Mike Sole developed are just right for you. Let me quickly explain what makes this so different from other Amazon or Shopify courses. There are two types of such courses. Those made by theory-minded guys who never sold anything themselves and just like to teach, sharing outdated methods they’ve read in books, methods which might work or might not work.
And those made by Rockstar million-dollar sellers who jumped into this niche years ago, in front of the train, and made gazillions of dollars by building a community of hundreds of thousands of followers. To be honest, it’s hard to relate to that if you are just starting out. ‘Good for them’ you think. ‘With millions of followers and seminars and a billion YouTube subscribers, of course they would do well. But what about me? What if I am just starting out?
Well, there is a solution; listen closely because I am going to show it to you! You see, guys Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole was made by a small group of friends who actually sell and use all the techniques and tools they teach in the course. All their information is current and up to date. They might not be making millions and they don’t have billions of subscribers and followers yet. But they do know this stuff well and they do well selling on Amazon and Shopify. They are also really excited about sharing it with me and you.
In fact, they developed tools for ourselves and did not plan to share them. However, after several friends who looked at their success decided to get started too, they shared their tools with us. This is how their small community quickly grew. They started accepting new private members and beta testers for their new tools, which they keep developing every month.
During this course, you will look over my shoulder and learn real-life examples of what works and what doesn’t. You will see the shops I run, how well they are doing, what profits they are generating, what tools I am using to create them, and how I drive traffic and sales. I am not going to hide anything from you like most other Amazon sellers do. I am not worried that you will copy me or clone my product. In fact, go ahead and do it.

With Amazon’s 250-billion-dollar online sales, there is room for everyone. No matter what you sell, there is always a fair competition, so worrying about it or hiding your products or shops from your followers is pointless and misleading in my opinion. I will teach you everything from scratch. Whether you have no prior experience or are already selling well, you will find something new for yourself. We’ll go through everything together, from basic to advanced stuff. The hints, tricks and systems they are share are not just theories but real, working systems that I use myselves in my own online stores! I will share the links, contacts and important services I use, as well as tools and resources you might need along the way.
You can start your Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole trial now. Inside, you will learn:

  • how to find product that sells and how to avoid 11 mistakes that people make when they are starting out.
  • essential tools to research a product, to legally spy on your competitors, to find out what works and to avoid wasting your time on what doesn’t.
  • how to develop your brand and source your product, how to do due diligence and avoid getting scammed, how to analyze samples and place an order, how to ship your products safely and cost-effectively.
  • how to create your listings and marketing, how to research great keywords and get high ranks on Amazon, and how to stage your launch and get sales and reviews without being banned or getting hijacked.
  • how to avoid the common pitfalls and to achieve success the fastest way possible.

This is what makes Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole so special. This is not some cheaply assembled eBook. Mike, along with with his lovely assistants Melissa, Coco, and Stephanie, have recorded a series of amazing video lessons that are short but detailed – no fluff or filler, only what works and what you actually need to succeed. Most of them are screen recordings that show you their screen, so you will see exactly what Mike doing. You can then copy it and apply to your business. If it works for me, it will work for you, I am sure!
So, without further ado, let’s get started. It’s time for you to take action, join us, grab a cup of coffee and prepare to be amazed. Inside Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole, you will find access to everything you need to get started with this ecommerce business completely risk free. With their trial access and a full money-back guarantee, there is nothing to lose. Click on the red “Start your trial” button and I will see you inside! If you have any questions, just shoot Mike an email and he will be glad to help you.

What results and profits might you expect from Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole? Take a look at the vendor recent case studies:

1. A pet store called “Best Friend” by Claudia went from $0 to $47,812 per month with no capital or investments using a simple Shopify Dropshipping System that you will learn too. Not bad, huh?

2. The “iPhone and Android Cases” shop by Peter went from $0 to $54,911 per month using Mike’s new Amazon White Labelling System, which you will discover too. Mike met Peter last month and he is a completely changed man.

3. The “Trendy T-Shirts” store by Dave went from $0 to $32,711 per month using a Shopify System that Mike teach in the course. Not bad? Well, four months ago, Dave could not even afford to buy a new phone. Things change quickly when you achieve success.

4. The “Children Cosplay and Halloween Costumes Store” by George went from zero to 54,851 Euro in profit by using the “Sells Like Hot Cakes” Amazon FBA system. Three months ago, George was unemployed with three kids and a wife supporting the whole family on an office clerk job.

All of them simply followed Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole step-by-step instructions, used the tools Mike provided and achieved amazing success. I am sure you can do it, too.
The best part is that in the members area you will find not only all the tools and resources Mike’s team developed to help you succeed on Amazon and Shopify, but also a friendly community of experts who are there to help you and answer all your questions. It’s a close group of like-minded people who help each other succeed. You are not alone. Success attracts success and you will be among other successful sellers who are ready to help you and share their tips. Sneak peek into our Sells Like Hotcakes Private Community!

Check Here:
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole – Online Business Course To Start Your Own Profitable eCommerce Using Turnkey Amazon + Shopify System Based On Success Stories, Get A Room With 250 Billion Dollar Online Sales

Have you asked, “Why do other courses and ecommerce systems fail?” The answer is, they are usually created by the following three types of people:
1. Success Gurus // You know you are dealing with a “guru” if you hear something like this: “I do personal success coaching, seminars, trainings and workshops. Here is information about how to book your free first session with me”. How can someone be successful in selling if his whole day is filled with webinars, personal trainings, coaching appointments and podcast recordings? Most if not all his income comes from his “teaching” efforts and it’s a clear form of “teaching for the sake of teaching”. At best, this person has attended other seminars and seen what other sellers are doing, so he is teaching the same systems – mostly generic and without any personal experience whatsoever. His videos are usually PowerPoint presentations with strategic tips and nothing from real life experience. Yes, they are full of energy, inspiring, motivational and entertaining, but they don’t give you the real-life, down-to-earth information that you need to succeed.
How do you find out if you’re dealing with a success guru? Ask him to show his products or his store. His reply will usually be something like: “Oh no, I can’t show it; otherwise it will be copied and I will be flooded by competition”. He is afraid of competing with his own students? What about real competitors who are professional sellers in his niche? The bottom line is that he does not sell well and makes most of his income from coaching others. You might learn some generic, basic stuff from him but most of the time you will be coached “think-positive-and-success-will-follow” stuff rather than given real information you can. Funny, isn’t it…

2. Geek Experts // These guys are all about coding, programming, tweaking, testing and optimisation. Split test this, optimize your SEO. They are stuck on overthinking and overdoing one specific task while completely missing out on other things. They might create the best of the best keyword research in the world and then tweak it to death while completely missing major things like staging a correct launch structure, building a list and setting a proper follow-up series. They major in minor things and miss the big picture. What will they teach you? Maybe one specific area of their expertise but they lack real-life experience in other areas. Most likely they are not themselves selling at all. They might teach you a cool trick about coding a parallax effect on your website but they will not teach you how to sell online successfully.
Truth is, most things they do don’t even matter. You can optimize your SEO and keywords to death, but if you have a product that has no demand and if you did not create a proper launch structure, you will fail anyways. So don’t waste your time on this.

3. Uber Successful Rock-Star Sellers // These guys really sell, and oh boy, they sell well. In fact, they are making millions of dollars per month selling thousands of units. They usually make for a nice success story and get invited to all the podcasts and interviews. The problem is, you can’t repeat their success. You can’t relate to them. Most of them started during the early days of Amazon 10 years ago, when there was almost no serious competition. Over the years, they have accumulated millions of followers. They have a YouTube channel with 10 billion subscribers, a Facebook page with a gazillion fans and a Twitter account that is followed and commented on by Donald Trump (lol). Yeah, good for them. But the truth is, they have nothing to teach you. All they know is how they started 10 years ago; their methods are no longer applicable if you are just starting out small. Their millions of sales come from their massive follower base, which has nothing to do with you. So, unless you have your own fan base that numbers in the millions, you have nothing to learn from them.

How are Mike Sole’s team different? They do very well, but they don’t have millions of fans, so all their methods can be used by a regular guy who is just starting out. In fact, Mike will show you how he took one of his shops from zero to $47,812 profit per month without any huge fan base or any other tricks.
They do not offer coaching, trainings, webinars or workshops. You will never meet them on the success seminars. Honestly, I think Mike’s time is more valuable and if he wanted to share his knowledge, he woul’d rather record a “HOW-TO” screen recording video to share with all his followers rather than sit with each of them individually during a private session. If you have a question, Mike will always be happy to help you and share his knowledge. But if you are looking for someone to baby sit you for 45-minute paid sessions, you have come to the wrong place.
I believe Mike’s time is more valuable than a $45/hour coaching session and he make enough money selling that he don’t have to sit glued to the screen for the whole day, webinaring you on how to think positively we do not teach SEO, rankings and other shady things that rely on some sort of “beating the algorithms” technique that nobody really knows. Most importantly, none of their methods or systems require coding skills. They rely on simple yet effective tools they developed themselves and they have made sure it easy to understand for anyone who don’t have specific computer skills. You just need to know how to operate your web browser, that’s it. Their product launch plan is clear and easy to duplicate no matter what niche you plan to sell in, and it doesn’t involve any shady tricks like fake reviews, buying likes, blackhat SEO, etc.

Then you ask, “And the best part if I join Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole?”. They show what they do. They show their sites and their products. Hiding them makes no sense to Mike and team. If he want to promote his shop to the world, why would he hide it from you? Maybe you would even buy his products.
Afraid of competition? That’s silly. Competition exists, whether or not you are afraid of it. It’s a part of doing business, like snow is a part of winter. If you want to copy Mike’s shops, go ahead and do it. He sure his competitors already did, and he still doing well.
There is no niche in which you will be solo-selling with no competition, so it does not make sense to be afraid of it. Embrace it. With a $250-billion Amazon marketplace, there is room for everyone.
The truth is, people who put great effort into developing superior products and marketing will build their lists, and their brands will stick around for the long term and achieve success. Meanwhile, people who rely on quick and dirty tricks, fake reviews and other scammy things will quickly fade away from the marketplace, so don’t worry about them. Keep an open mind and let they help you succeed by duplicating their success and following what Mike doing, without wasting your time on webinars, success coaching or expensive seminars. All you need is an open mind, a will to learn and a desire to act. They will teach us the rest.

What is inside Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole members area?
1. Full Step-By-Step Video Course to help you reach $45,000/month goal
During the video course, Mike will take you by the hand from basic to advanced stuff, helping you create your own Shopify and Amazon stores from scratch. This information is short and useful; Mike never waste mine and your time by spending 15 minutes ranting, showing you how to open your browser or flooding you with 120-page-PowerPoint-slide fluff. You will look over his shoulder and see what Mike doing – real-life examples, real products, not a theory. He will show you what to do and what not to do, as well as how to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls. He will show you advanced tricks, hacks and tips to research and source your products, do due diligence, spy on your competitors, stage your launch and get massive organic sales.
Mike’s goal is for you to launch your first five products for the whitelabelling busing with Amazon FBA program. Each product must sell at least 10 units per day, with $10 profit per unit, so at least $500/day combined or $15,000 per month. Plus, you will launch your Shopify store so that you can start drop shipping other people’s products while building your own, thereby maximizing your profit – $45,000 per month or even more. After you reach $45,000/month, you will no longer need Mike. He will consider his work well done! Just make sure to share your success story with other people in our private group. This course is so effective and powerful that we could easily sell it as a $10,000-ticket seminar, but we are too busy selling Mike’s products. We don’t have time for seminars. Let’s leave them to the “success guru”, as they’re not our song.

2. All The Tools you might need to succeed are included in your membership at no extra cost, no upsells or cross-sells or other hidden costs
Among them are amazing tools like:
Amazon Best Seller Finder, includes a self-updating database of 39,871,951 products and counting and that will let you instantly find the top-selling products in each niche by keyword. You can get complete information about them, including their prices and, most important, the estimated amount of sales they get per month and the profit they are making. With this information, you can quickly see how they are doing and whether it’s worth it for you to sell the same product. Moreover, this amazing tool collects the stats of the top-selling products in each category to give you an idea as to whether they fit five strict criteria Mike’s team developed and taught you about during the course. These five criteria are crucial when researching and selecting a product to sell. Never start selling anything unless it fits those criteria; it’s really important! This database is so powerful that it’s usually sold on other resources as a so-called “Amazon matrix” for $499 or a “Chrome app” for $149; the matrix does not even auto-update, while the Chrome app is glitchy and does not provide information for many products, or even provides false sales estimates.
Amazon Product Tracker, allows you to track the performance of selected products (your own or competitors’) in real time, giving you invaluable information about their performance, history of sales and price changes to help you decode and reverse-engineer them, thereby learning what makes them sell so well. You will also learn about the seasonality of the product and identify analogs on Alibaba or AliExpress to help you find their suppliers in just a few clicks. If you are tracking your own product, you can easily find out how well you are tracking against desired keywords and how you can improve your sales and rankings. This tool alone is worth $69 per month and sold separately in different competitor resources. For you it’s included free with your membership.
Supplier Finder, a little treasure to save you hours spent researching the right suppliers on Alibaba and AliExpress. With just a few clicks it automatically detects the best-fitting suppliers among the thousands of trusted suppliers in your industry. This database itself is invaluable, and you would usually pay $99 to your sourcing agent for just one search inquiry! In our database you get unlimited searches at no extra cost.
Shopify Dropshipping Finder, an outstanding tool that will help you quickly find the best AliExpress suppliers for your dropshipping business on Shopify. No more headaches from manually searching hundreds of providers and sellers. Here, you instantly get the right products ready for dropshipping, their best prices and other details at your fingertips. A similar tool is sold alone as an app for Shopify for $39/month, but you get it FREE in our members area.
Amazon Listing Generators, looking to create an ideal, optimized, keyword-rich listing on Amazon to boost your sales? Good luck with that. You must manually research hundreds of competitors, as well as subscribe to dozens of paid keyword research tools and services. Why not try our Amazon Listing Generator, which include a power bundle of the “Title Generator” to provide outstanding ideas for your listing title, the “Bullet Points Generator” to create keyword-rich, high-converting bullet points and the famous “Keyword Generator” that will quickly analyze your competitors and come up with the best keywords to help you get high ranks in your niche. Similar tools for listings don’t exist, and for similar “keyword research” tools you must buy expensive credits or subscriptions on competitor sites, or even pay per search inquiry.
Shopify Competitor Spy, leaves behind all the guesswork and lets you legally spy on your competitors by identifying how well they are doing, what traffic they are getting and where it comes from, and what products sell best for them (even if they try to hide it, we will know), so you can quickly copy and paste their best-selling products on your featured store and boost your sales. Mike and team can even help you automatically find the best AliExpress suppliers for best selling tools so you don’t need to waste hours researching that information. A similar tool is sold at $199, and it does not even self-update, while Mike’s tool auto-updates daily.
Garlic Press Smasher Bonus Tool, the term “garlic press” has become an inside joke in Amazon industry. It indicates a product that is easy to sell and that everyone wants to buy. That’s why we decided to make this funny but super helpful bonus tool called “Garlic Press Smasher”, which automatically searches Mike’s database of millions of Amazon products and finds a single easy product that you might sell in the future. This tool is great for people who don’t want to do any complex research and who just want an idea for what to sell. The results are updated daily, so you can come back tomorrow for the next big idea for your potential product. This tool is fully automatic and free from any bias; no alternatives to it can be found elsewhere.
Helpful Resources and Links, it took Mike and team years to compile this list of the most trusted resources in the industry, including suppliers, tools, inspections, product package and design services, freight forwarders, etc. Where can you find trustworthy sourcing agents? What freight forwarders should you use? Where can you get legal protection for your business? Never get scammed again; use only trusted resources like those they personally tested and use. This section will quickly answer your questions about where to do product inspections, where to find suppliers, what freight forwarders to use, where to buy bar codes, where to register your trademarks and much more.
Expert Private Community-Wall and Expert Critics, Mike don’t want to sound like one of those “success gurus”, but there is one thing about which they are totally right: success attracts success. You are an average of your five friends, so if you stick around successful people sooner or later you become one. Mike and team are privileged and grateful to have been able to build this amazing small but very helpful closed community of successful Amazon, Shopify and eBay sellers who are there to help you and share their tricks and secrets. They are all selling in different niches, so they never treat each other as competitors. They are here to help you and each other by sharing the hottest trends, common mistakes and tips on how to succeed in this business. All they ask in return is that you contribute to the group, share your success stories, share your questions and frustrations and fears, and help us help you. Mike sure you will love the famous “WALL”! Beware: It’s really addictive.
Expert and Critic Brainstorming, an amazing section where you can submit your product (anonymously if you choose), research ideas, listings, descriptions and bullet points for the community to analyze, critique and brainstorm. You will be surprised at the ideas and tips you will receive that you never thought about, helping you instantly boost your sales and avoid costly mistakes. “Is this the right product to sell?”, “How can I improve this listing title”?, “How can I improve conversion from my bullet points?”. You will get invaluable ideas and tips from people who sell BIG and do this for a living. And don’t worry that other people will copy you. Your competitor can copy your product anyway, whether or not you like it. Try to adopt an abundance mindset instead of a mindset of scarcity. There is enough money and room for everyone, and there is always competition in anything, so stop worrying about it. Competition exists whether or not you worry about it; it’s a part of the game. Mike and team can achieve many more sales by helping each other rather than considering every other person to be a competitor.
Facebook Ads Mastery Crash Course Bonus, how to create Facebook ads that work and why everyone else fails with Facebook ads? You know, there is so much information available about Facebook ads on the Internet that it’s really, really easy to get lost in all this fluff. There are so many courses on just Facebook ads that give you hours and hours of info about how to build Facebook ads and most of them are outdated and don’t work. And the main problem of these courses is that they are so filled with fluff and filled with information that it’s really easy to get lost. So Mike decided to use his garlic press today to squeeze away all this fluff and filler and just give you a short, up-to-the-point 40-minute crash course on what you really need to know about Facebook ads and how to build your winning Facebook campaign.
Top 30 Most Passionate Niches To Target For Your Shopify Dropshipping Business + 7 Top Converting Ads & Cheat Sheet, 99% who fail with Facebook ads make this mistake – they promote wrong product to the wrong audience. Remember, to make your Facebook ads work you must only choose unusual, weird, shocking, and unique products (“not sold in stores” kind of stuff) and target only the most passionate groups and audiences. Nobody is that excited about buying a garlic press, so you better ensure there is emotion and passion in what you are selling. To help you pick those categories, Mike have found TOP 30 most passionate niches to target for your Shopify business and top 3 unusual products in this niche from Aliexpress marketplace. Make sure you watch their videos to understand how to connect the dots and make it all work in Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole video course.
“From China With Love” Bonus Video Series, there are so many e-commerce gurus out there teaching how to do Amazon FBA sourcing or Shopify Drop shipping from China while in reality, they have no real life experience dealing with real Chinese factories, shipping agents and suppliers, so most of they have no clue on what they are teaching. That’s why Mike and team are going to real Chine to give you real life examples and case studies! Inside this bonus series Mike and team are meeting real life Chinese expert sourcing agents, visiting real Chinese factories and show rooms, discussing pros and cons of different shipping methods, revealing how to do the due diligence on Chinese suppliers and avoid being scammed, how to deal with Chinese people most effective way and how you can source amazing products from Canton fair, analyze product samples, do a quality check and much more. A lot of real, down to earth and helpful info from real China, not from your regular guru that never left his “garage office” in his California house.
Niche Finder, this is a unique bonus tool that allows you to identify the most lucrative and potentially great niches for you to start selling. The tool automatically scans the whole database of Amazon best sellers and structures them in a “seller friendly” way, showing you the Competition level and Demand level and potentially good products to sell in each niche. This is very time efficient and will help you save hours on searching for a great product with high demand and low competition in the niche you are interested in. Both Amazon US and UK are supported.
Reverse ASIN Search Tool, this is a great Amazon bonus tool inspired by the well-known “Keyword Inspector” which allows you to legally spy on your competitors and search for the top converting keywords for best-selling products in your category. No extra purchase of credits is necessary. All searches are free! (Included in your membership as a bonus). You will be able to check the rankings of the specific keywords by searching using the ASIN number. Both Amazon US and UK are supported.
– Amazing Bonus Tool, Keyword Tracking Tool for Amazon is truly amazing. It allows you to monitor where your products rank for most essential keywords to help you get valuable insights, optimize your listing and increase your sales. The Listings Analyzer checks your listing for common issues and shows you the areas where and how you can improve to get higher rankings on Amazon.

Total value of the Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole course, tools and members area above: $11,752 Access + $499/month fees.
Beta tester early access: $0 Free Trial + $29/month if you like it and stay. That’s a steal!
Forget those overpriced outdated courses, guru seminars, “funnels” and junk “push button software” launches with 100 upsells to squeeze you dry. Get instant access to all videos and tools you need in one easy membership, no upsells, cross sells, downsells, and other marketing b.s. you will get everything you need, we don’t hold onto anything.
3 Day Trial + Just $29.00/month if you love it and keep it. Cancel any time!
For the first few months, while Mike and team are building their community and adding new tools, they have decided to accept the first 250 beta testers at this insane low price. In return, you agree to help them beta test the new tools that they will be developing and adding. You also agree to contribute to the community. After the beta testing stage, the price for new members will increase to $199/month, but for beta testers the price will be fixed at the low $29/month level. And yes, they will give you a free trial so that you can log in, check around and see the value, tools and community before you are charged and fully committed. Yes, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked, so there is really no risk involved. It’s time for you to take action and we will meet you inside.

Check Here:
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership by Mike Sole – Online Business Course To Start Your Own Profitable eCommerce Using Turnkey Amazon + Shopify System Based On Success Stories, Get A Room With 250 Billion Dollar Online Sales

They are regular sellers who have launched our shops in different niches from scratch, and you can do it too. Remember, Mike Sole goal is simple – for each store to reach $45,000 per month. No, he don’t strive for a million dollars; he are down to earth and believe that $45,000 per month is a good start for we who gain money in internet marketing world. If this number sounds good to you, we are a great fit. If you are one of those people who plans to get rich overnight doing nothing, please don’t bother joining. Mike and team don’t have time to “coach your success” or give you magic tool that will provide you with “push button commissions” or insane trading profits. Remember, those scams are fairy tales for losers. Stay away from them, start your own real and honest online store, and you will achieve amazing success like other people from our group.
Right now it’s the golden age of online sales. Each year, online commerce market share almost doubles. Amazon and Shopify currently dominate, with close to 59% of all online sales. That is 59% of a $250-billion-dollar market, which you can easily tap into if you start now. A few years later the opportunity might be gone as each niche becomes more and more saturated and the competition becomes more intense. Right now it’s the golden age of online sales, and I believe that together we can easily build your store from scratch. Follow our course for just one month and get your store launched. It will provide you with an amazing passive income of $45,000/month or more. And remember, the early bird gets the worm. Join us now, at the early stage while we are in beta-test mode, for a silly-low $29/month and reap all the benefits by getting in front of the train. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Internet Marketing Profits PLR Premium Package – Complete Training Package System Including An In-Depth 40 Page Action Guide & 10 Module Video Series, Along With Helpful Resources, Cheat Sheet & Mindmap You Can Use To Build A Successful ‘Internet Marketing’ Business

Internet Marketing Profits PLR Premium Package – Complete Training Package System Including An In-Depth 40 Page Action Guide & 10 Module Video Series, Along With Helpful Resources, Cheat Sheet & Mindmap You Can Use To Build A Successful ‘Internet Marketing’ Business

Hi, there… PLR lovers. There is one more chance to come back selling an interesting PLR package. If you’ve been wanting to launch a highly successful Internet Marketing campaign and make money online, then this is for you. Today you’re about to discover the exact steps you can follow to create a thriving Internet business and get massive results. Everything from choosing the right niche, to creating, ranking, and optimizing your website, getting traffic to your offers, building your email list and more is covered in this easy step-by-step training.
So you can substantially increase your profits and start earning a real income online. Use this system for your own personal benefit, or even sell it yourself and keep all the profits. You’ll get Private Label Rights & Turnkey Sales Page included, making it easy for you to start selling immediately! Plus you’ll receive Fast Action Bonuses to boost your profits even faster.
Then I will introducing you to Internet Marketing Profits PLR Premium Package.

Internet Marketing Profits PLR Premium Package

This is a premium ready-to-go PLR package that comes with professional sales materials, awesome website graphics, and all the cool stuff you need to start selling within the next few hours. That’s right, you get the full reseller kit + private label resale rights with it, so you can sell Internet Marketing Profits PLR Premium Package yourself and keep every dime you make.
This is the complete system including an in-depth 40 page action guide & 10 module video series, along with helpful resources, cheat sheet and mindmap you can use to build a successful ‘Internet Marketing’ business. You’ll discover all the steps, tools and resources to help you get started. You get a copy of this sales page and easy to follow instructions for you and your customers.
Here’s exactly what you’ll get with Internet Marketing Profits PLR Complete Package you’re taken by the hand and shown all you need to know to launch profitable Internet Marketing campaigns and make money online quickly even if you have no technical skills to speak of.
Throughout this complete training, you will discover:

  • The ultimate money making blueprint that takes you through the process and shows you exactly how to get started with Internet Marketing regardless of experience
  • How to choose which niche markets are the best to achieve massive results
  • The complete step-by-step guide to creating a professionally designed website no matter your skill level
  • Powerful methods for getting traffic and ranking your sites quickly
  • How to maximize conversions so that visitors turn into loyal customers
  • Why you should be focusing on social media and how to grow a popular social media presence
  • The formula for getting hordes of visitors from the biggest websites online
  • How to deliver great value through your BLOG so people will seek you out
  • Highly effective strategies to become an Internet Marketing pro overnight
  • You’ll learn insider secrets to build a profitable mailing list, create award winning sales pages & video sales letters, develop “win-win” relationships and become an influential authority in your niche, plus additional tips, tools & tactics to make money with your online business revealed with no stone left unturned

I emphasize this question of you, “Why grab this Internet Marketing Profits PLR Premium Package today?” The answer is, because you will get much of benefits inside.
1. High Quality Video Training You Can Sell As Your Own

2. Turnkey Sales Kit Ready To Resell And Keep 100% Profit

3. Plug in ONCE & Profit For Years On Complete Autopilot

4. Keep All The Leads Generated, Including The Buyers

5. Sell Unlimited Copies With No Hidden Fees

6. Become a Professional Internet Marketer

Grab private label rights to this unique video product website package with done-for-you sale materials and Internet Marketing Profits PLR Premium Package fast action bonuses!
Your bonuses for Internet Marketing Profits PLR Premium Package up to $218. Check out these incredible bonuses they’ll hand you when you grab the Internet Marketing Profits PLR Complete Package from this page.
You’ll get these 7 premium software packs you can sell for 100% instant profits:

Fast Action Bonus #1 “Ebook Maker” WP Plugin ($27)
Powerful new software creates top quality ebooks quickly & easily right from your wordpress dashboard. Includes the complete reseller kit + turnkey sales site.

Fast Action Bonus #2 “Page Takeover” WP Plugin ($47)
Powerful new software hijacks your visitor’s attention & puts your ad right in front of any page of your wordpress site. Includes the complete reseller kit + turnkey sales site.

Fast Action Bonus #3 “Easy Launcher” WP Plugin ($27)
Powerful new software launches your sites the easy way by installing & customizing wordpress for you in just a few clicks. Includes the complete reseller kit + turnkey sales site.

Fast Action Bonus #4 “Engage Plus” WP Plugin ($18)
Powerful new software creates engaging polls & surveys you can insert into any page or post of your wordpress site. Includes the complete reseller kit + turnkey sales site.

Fast Action Bonus #5 “Slideshow Master” WP Plugin ($24)
Powerful new software creates high-impact slideshows to impress your visitors & make more money from your wordpress site. Includes the complete reseller kit + turnkey sales site.

Fast Action Bonus #6 “Swift Page” WP Plugin ($48)
Powerful new software keeps visitors on your pages longer by increasing the speed & load time of your wordpress site. Includes the complete reseller kit + turnkey sales site.

Fast Action Bonus #7 “Viral Click” WP Plugin 27
Powerful new software sends high quality, targeted viral traffic straight to any wordpress site in any niche. Includes the complete reseller kit + turnkey sales site.

Dude, you can not be luckier than now. All these bonuses are yours free when you grab Internet Marketing Profits PLR Premium Package today.

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Internet Marketing Profits PLR Premium Package – Complete Training Package System Including An In-Depth 40 Page Action Guide & 10 Module Video Series, Along With Helpful Resources, Cheat Sheet & Mindmap You Can Use To Build A Successful ‘Internet Marketing’ Business


Zen Titan Upgrade Ultimate OTO 4 Review – Automated Software To Explode Your Affiliate Profits With 4 New Commission-Generating Tools: Zen Amazon Niches; Zen Affiliate; Zen Video Creator; Zen Ecommerce Theme

Zen Titan Upgrade Ultimate OTO 4 Review – Automated Software To Explode Your Affiliate Profits With 4 New Commission-Generating Tools: Zen Amazon Niches; Zen Affiliate; Zen Video Creator; Zen Ecommerce Theme

Good day, Super Titan fellas… Welcome to my last review about upsell product Zen Titan Upgrade Ultimate OTO 4. You can get here because you’ve tried the previous product quality: Affiliate Titan 3 Upgrade Ultimate OTO 3. And I’m sure you feel satisfied then came back to find the new again from Memeplex Limited as the vendor.
So, I must say congratulations & welcome back. Also I want to thank you for joining Zen Titan Upgrade Ultimate OTO 4. You have made a very wise challenging and in a moment you will have full access to your software. Your links are at the bottom of this page & you have been e-mailed secure access instructions.
I’m glad to say that you’re now on the final page before you start profiting with Traffic Titan. But I’d like to offer you one, final insane discount to the best-selling… Zen Titan! I’m talking about the chance to get a software package that lets you exploit the $150 billion opportunity that is Amazon. It’s time to earn an affiliate commission with 256 million products automatically.
This is your one chance to explode your potential Amazon affiliate commissions with four softwares. Check out the incredible software that’s included with this very limited, one-time discount.
Explode your affiliate profits with 4 new commission-generating software tools.

This is the money-making automated softwares I talk about:
1. Zen Amazon Niches Software
First, I use “Zen Niches” software to find Amazon, ClickBank & JVZoo niches making thousands of dollars per day. So you can be sure your free traffic is going to convert to huge profits, which brings me to.

2. Zen Affiliate Software
Now, we need to choose our affiliate programs we’re going to promote – and create an instant affiliate review automatically. This only takes a few seconds with Zen Titan Upgrade Ultimate OTO 4 spinner software. Simply load the software, drag and drop a few products into the builder and the software spins this into a complete product review. Then click to export the campaign zip (with spun article and video file), ready for the next step.

3. Zen Video Creator Software
Now, we need to create a new video automatically with Zen Video Software. Choose from dozens of done-for-you animation videos. Zen video maker software creates instant affiliate review videos for any affiliate program, using the campaign file you just built with Zen Affiliate (it’s so easy). Go from affiliate niche, to profitable video in 1 minute.

4. Zen Ecommerce Theme
Now your video is complete, you’ll want to host it online. And that’s where Zen Ecommerce Theme comes in. This theme lets you import your articles and videos (created with the Zen Affiliate tool) in one click, quickly creating an instant, authority ecommerce site – to get you free traffic from Google, and earn affiliate commissions passively.

So, fellas… are you ready to take your YouTube & Amazon bsiness to the next level?
Are you in? OK great. The first step is to click on the order button below.

You’ll get instant access to the Zen Titan Upgrade Ultimate OTO 4 “tool-suite”, with all 4 super powerful video softwares + updates:

  • Zen Niches – pre-loaded with 100+ profitable affiliate niches making thousands of dollars per day
  • Zen Affiliate – quickly research affiliate programs for any niche keyword then add it to your personal database
  • Zen Spinner – which turns your product research into a spun mini-article to export as an article or voice over script
  • Zen Video that creates proven, profitable, affiliate review videos for any niche, market or keyword in 60 seconds
  • UPDATE: Zen Video now includes dozens of editable template videos for Amazon affiliates
  • UPDATE: Zen video includes 6 royalty-free music tracks, 10 background images & more
  • Zen Theme – a premium WordPress theme, which instantly gives you an ecommerce/affiliate store with content
  • UPDATE: Zen Theme now includes unlimited installs – scale across 256 million affiliate niches, forever
  • UPDATE: Zen Theme lets you import from Zen Affiliate to create instant affiliate CB & Amazon reviews

And that’s just the Zen Titan Upgrade Ultimate OTO 4 software – but there’s even more…

  • A 39-page COMPLETE quick start guide that shows you how to get started within minutes with Zen Titan system
  • Plus secret hidden videos where I explain all my secret tips and tricks for promoting from this $150 billion loophole

But that’s not all. Order now, and you’ll also get access to all these additional newbie-friendly features…

  • 5 complete bonus systems on profiting with video + Facebook, YouTube, affiliate marketing & much more
  • Over 100 pages of PDF training on profiting in 2017 – beautifully formatted & complete PDF documents
  • Training videos – how to use the software & start profiting with video marketing today
  • Future upgrades, training & more – we supported Video Titan for 14 months. For your information, this is just the beginning

And remember, I’m here to help you succeed. But you must act now. This is on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.
Get instant access to all 4 Zen Titan Upgrade Ultimate OTO 4 softwares, and remember this is 100% RISK-FREE!

For you who need guarantee, please examine my automated software in your home for 30 days, read the quick start guide, apply the system, watch the videos. Automate your YouTube free traffic & Amazon affiliate business with this simple software tools, download the training, get swarms of free, targeted traffic with YouTube & Google, copy the entire system. Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to finally succeed with affiliate internet marketing in 2017.
But if for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied, just let they know and your fee will be fully refunded. And by my experience, you can cancel at any time, and for any reason. That’s how certain I am that you are going to love this.
So what are you waiting for? Once again, this is 100% risk-free!
Fair enough?
Ok, then all that’s left to do is buy this before this limited time offer closes for good! Get Zen Titan Upgrade Ultimate OTO 4 and I guarantee it will change the way you look at video marketing forever. So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started.

Check Here:
Zen Titan Upgrade Ultimate OTO 4 Review – Automated Software To Explode Your Affiliate Profits With 4 New Commission-Generating Tools: Zen Amazon Niches; Zen Affiliate; Zen Video Creator; Zen Ecommerce Theme

Front End – Traffic Titan
OTO 1 – Traffic Titan Pro
OTO 2 – Video Titan 3
OTO 3 – Affiliate Titan 3

Take advantage of this Super Limited Offer, get all of these features, just click on the link